Colourful Indoor Container Leaf Plants (Grow More than Plain Green Leaves)

In this article, colourful indoor container leaf plants that are grown for their beautiful leaves will be discussed. Most indoor plants tend to have plain green leaves, with no patternation, making no real point of interest. Green leaves do not make a striking feature for an indoor plant, where you want something which makes a bold statement in the home.

You are looking for something that has some different features from interesting leaf shapes, deep and colourful veins, or some interesting patternation. The leaves may still be green …

32 of the Best Flowering Houseplants (Plants that will Give Great Blooms Indoor)

In this article, 32 of the best flowering houseplants to use in your home will be discussed. Normally we look for plants in our homes to not only brighten it but also add splashes of colour.

Plants in our homes fall into two separate categories of those that are grown for the leaves, or those that are grown for their flowers. The latter will be discussed in this article.

The plants that are suggested are not only beautiful to look at but come in many different colorful flowers, …

Indoor Container Gardening (How to Get the Best from Your Indoor Plants)

In this article, how to grow plants in indoor container gardening will be discussed. From its positioning, where the best place to buy, care and maintenance, propagation, and common pests and diseases. All topics will be covered here.

Up to now, I have exclusively talked about container gardening outdoors and not mentioned indoor gardening much, which to some people is the only option available. People live in flats and rented accommodation where outdoor gardening is a very small distant possibility. I feel it is now time to start …