Growing Orchids as Houseplants- Part II The Best Orchids to Have

In this second part of the series, we continue our journey in orchids to discuss what the best species and varieties to have in your home. In the first part, we dealt with how to get the growing conditions right, so the orchids you have will be at their best.

In this article, we shift our attention to the most beautiful flowering plants to grace your home. Some people will say that orchids are the most stunning houseplants to grow.

What follows are my recommended types of orchids to have in your home. As most orchids are grown for their …

Growing Orchids as Houseplants- Part I Getting the Growing Conditions Right

In this first part of a two-part series, we will be discussing growing orchids as houseplants in particular in this first part on getting the growing conditions right.

The second part will go into more into the orchid plants that are best to grow as houseplants. It is no good talking about what houseplants to have if you do not get the basics right.

Orchids are fascinating plants, as they are some of the most beautiful houseplants you can actually buy. Orchids seem to come with a lot of baggage and this makes people believe in their own eyes that …

The Best Bulbous Houseplants to Grow

In this article, we will be discussing the best bulbous houseplant to have indoors. When we think of what plants to grow indoor we often think about colourful leaf plants and flowering plants such as bromeliads, cacti and succulents, orchids, palms and ferns, but we do not think about bulbs.

These cannot only add beautiful blooms to our home but more importantly, some have beautiful scents that add an extra dimension to our homes.

Bulbs, in general, are easy to grow, have less chance of failure and are easy to grow and propagate. I have talked about outdoor bulbs in …

The Best Palm and Fern Houseplants to Grow

In this article, we will be broaching the best palm and fern houseplant to have in your home.

As we want our homes to have the best greenery as possible, we look to palms and ferns to bring green hues to our lives, so that we can bring the outside gardening space to our living spaces.

Palms bring up an image of tropical climates in our own homes. It gives a picture of sipping a pina colada under a palm tree. They bring relaxation to our homes, an area of peace and relaxation without our place of sanctuary.

Palm plants …

The Best Bromeliads Houseplants to Grow in your Home

In this article, we will be discussing the best bromeliads houseplants to grow in your home.

Bromeliads plants, or the pineapple family to give its less formal name, are exotic looking plants that bring tropical touches to your home. Bromeliads are not difficult to look after and they add vibrant colours where vibrant colours are needed the most- in the home.

They originate from the United States, South America and West Indies, where on their natural inhabitant they grow on trees, stumps and other woody plants.

The plants are prized for the colourful bracts they produce and not the insignificant …

Colourful Indoor Container Leaf Plants (Grow More than Plain Green Leaves)

In this article, colourful indoor container leaf plants that are grown for their beautiful leaves will be discussed. Most indoor plants tend to have plain green leaves, with no patternation, making no real point of interest. Green leaves do not make a striking feature for an indoor plant, where you want something which makes a bold statement in the home.

You are looking for something that has some different features from interesting leaf shapes, deep and colourful veins, or some interesting patternation. The leaves may still be green but the bicolor or tricolours associated with it makes it more special. …

32 of the Best Flowering Houseplants (Plants that will Give Great Blooms Indoor)

In this article, 32 of the best flowering houseplants to use in your home will be discussed. Normally we look for plants in our homes to not only brighten it but also add splashes of colour.

Plants in our homes fall into two separate categories of those that are grown for the leaves, or those that are grown for their flowers. The latter will be discussed in this article.

The plants that are suggested are not only beautiful to look at but come in many different colorful flowers, and are relatively easy to look after. Some flowers suggested will take …

Indoor Container Gardening (How to Get the Best from Your Indoor Plants)

In this article, how to grow plants in indoor container gardening will be discussed. From its positioning, where the best place to buy, care and maintenance, propagation, and common pests and diseases. All topics will be covered here.

Up to now, I have exclusively talked about container gardening outdoors and not mentioned indoor gardening much, which to some people is the only option available. People live in flats and rented accommodation where outdoor gardening is a very small distant possibility. I feel it is now time to start discussing indoor garden, which by nature is always container gardening.

Those with …