How to Create a Wooden Window Box Container

In this article, we will create a window box that acts as a wooden surround that will enclose a standard-sized plastic trough.  The aim is to have a wooden box that surrounds the plastic that can be adapted to your own personal preference.

In a previous article, I have discussed how to create a wooden container using tongue and groove cladding, but in this case, the tongue and groove cladding used will have a more detailed profile to give it more style. You have several choices as …

How to Make a Simple Wooden Planter

In this article, we will be discovering how to make a simple wooden planter. I know that some of us like to do our own DIY projects and creating wooden planters is no different. If you are itching to create your own and can do basic DIY jobs, then these wooden planters are for you.

In my numerous articles, I have talked about the various containers that can be used in container gardening but wooden planters are some of the most versatile that you can have (see

How to Deal with Common Pests and Diseases Found in the Garden

In this article, we will discuss effective treatments to deal with common pests and diseases found in the garden. In a previous article, I have discussed why it is important to have a healthy plant but we will still face pests and diseases and in this article, we will discuss the best way to deal with them.



These are soft sap-sucking black, green or whiteflies that are sometimes winged. They weaken and distort growth, whilst carrying viral diseases. They also …

Growing Choisya in Containers- Growing this Colourful Shrub

In this article, we will discuss how to grow Choiysa in containers to give a wonderful colourful leaf plant that has beautiful flowers.  The flowers tend to appear between late April to late May and are often numerous and delightfully scented. The flowers are not the only reason that the plant is grown for but for its beautiful, elegant coloured leaves.

The variety ‘Sundance’ has dark green leaves on mature growth but in spring new yellow-lime green leaves appear, giving a beautiful contrast between the young and old …

How to Glue Mount Small Orchids

In this article, we will discover how you can glue mount small orchids to an attractive mound. In a previous article, we discovered how to mount an orchid to give a hanging display, but in this article, a different method is shown that uses a slightly different approach to how you can have a beautiful orchid display without spending too much.

Many orchids that you found in shops are epiphytes and climbers and can be used for this task. Plants that belong to the Maxillaria family. These plants …

How to Mount Orchid for a Hanging Display

In this article, we will discuss an unusual way of displaying your orchids in by actually mount them on a piece of wood. Many orchids that you buy from shops or garden centres are epiphytes that can root high on tree branches or trunks of host trees. For those who wish to exploit these growing conditions, it can create a simple but stunning hanging display by transferring plants, such as Cattleyas or Epidendrums, to a plank of wood or even better on a piece of bark.

In this …

Growing Cordylines in Containers- How to Grow this Colourful Plant

In this article, we will be discussing how to grow this colourful plant of Cordyline in containers. If you want a plant that has striking architectural leaves in a container then this is the plant for you.  It is such a bold and handsome shrub that slowly grows into a tree-like plant.  The cordylines are grown for their single trunk or multiple trunks who are topped with dense tufts of long, colourful, leathery leaves that can be variegated.

It has many common names from cabbage palm, Torbay Palm …

Growing Brugmansia in Containers-Growing this Colourful Tender Tree

In this article, we will be discussing how to grow this colourful tree of Brugsmansia in containers. If you have seen a Brugmansia or Angel’s trumpet to give its common name in flower, you would want to grow this plant immediately.

Once observed it will not soon be forgotten. They are small trees or shrubs that can grow up to 2.5m in height, even more in their native climates, where the shrub is covered in elegant blooms. The only problem is that they are tender and they need …

Growing Aucuba in Containers-Growing These Shrubs

In this article, we will discuss how to grow Aucuba, or spotted laurels as it is alternatively known, in containers. This wonderful, elegant shrub is a delight in your patio area. You do often see Aucubas in gardens or Japanese laurels to give its other common name, and you wonder if this plant can be grown in containers. This article is here to show you how to grow these plants in containers.

This hardy shrub tends to make short term plants in containers, as over time they will …

Growing Abutilons in Containers- Growing this Beautiful Shrub

In this article, we will discuss how to grow abutilon as a beautiful shrub in the container garden.

Abutilons look stunning if they are grown in a container as a free-standing garden shrub against a wall or near a pergola.  At one time they were considered too tender to be grown outdoors but now it is seen as a great outdoor patio display plant.

They can be evergreen or deciduous depending on what part of the UK you live in. The colder the area the more likely it …