Vermiculite vs Perlite vs Horticultural Grit (Which One is Better in the Container Garden)

In this article, the perennial question to which substance is better to add to your potting mix will be answered. In previous posts I have always highlighted the importance of having good drainage but how is this to be done.

You have three main substances that can be added and mixed with the compost to make it more open structured and therefore more free-flowing and free-draining.

Vermiculite, perlite and horticultural grit are all the substance in question that can be used, but which is the best to use

Plants for Tropical Container Gardens- Going for The Exotic Look

In this article, plants for tropical container gardens will be discussed. As we all become more experimental in our gardens, we take influences from around the world. From the tropics, we look to the brightly-coloured flowers and lush, colourful leaves. You may be worried that many of these plants cannot survive our cold, frosty winters but this is clearly not true if we look after our heat-loving plants well.

We can create tropical container gardens if the right plant is selected. Some of these plants hail from hot …

The 7 Types of Composts for the Container Gardener (Getting the Choice Right)

In this article, the 7 types of composts for the container gardener will be discussed. As you can imagine it is quite confusing to know what compost to use in your container garden. You need to match the compost to the needs of the plant in question, and this means knowing about the growing conditions and habit of the plant is normally found in and try to replicate this in the garden.

Commercial composts that you find is different from the compost you make at home, as the …

Plants for Walls, Fences and Other Vertical Surfaces in Containers in the Shade (Add Interest to Plain Walls)

In this article, plants for wall, fences and other vertical surfaces in containers in the shade. In a previous article climbing plants for vertical surfaces in containers in full sun has been discussed, and now it is time to extend our attention to growing vertical plants in the shade. This is a more difficult growing regime, as plants tend not to do as well in the shade as they do in full sun. It is not impossible but let us say the choices are more limited.

Plants …

Growing Non-Standard Vegetables in Containers (Growing more than Potatoes)

In this article on the growing of non-standard vegetables in containers will be broached. In previous articles, I have discussed traditional vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, chilies, beans, etc in containers.

This group often appear in plant and seed catalogues, and in online seed companies. All the favourites are found here but some like kohlrabi and scorzonera are not often found in the container vegetable garden. They have been in catalogues for a long time but they are not classed as non-standard vegetables. They may …

Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool, A Review (Lift More than You Bargained For)

Name of Product: PotLifter 91kg Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 35.6 x 76 x 76 cm

Shipping Weight: 0.658

My Rating: 8.5/10

In this article, I will be reviewing the PotLifter gardening heavy lifting tool to see if it is all it is cracked up to be. In a previous article, I reviewed and discussed the wheeled garden plant pot trolley which is very useful in moving plant pots in gardens.

The biggest problem is that …

Plants for Walls, Fences and Other Vertical Surfaces in Containers in the Sun (Plants to Cover Bare Walls)

In this article, plants for walls, fences and other vertical surfaces in containers in the sun will be discussed particularly plant that can be used to cover bare walls.

Climbers are perfect for decorating wall and fences, where flowers of all colours, leaf shapes and texture, and plant forms can be used. There is nothing worse than looking at a bare wall in a garden, where instead it can be covered with interesting plants.

It is best that when you are planning which climber to plant that you …

Colourful Indoor Container Leaf Plants (Grow More than Plain Green Leaves)

In this article, colourful indoor container leaf plants that are grown for their beautiful leaves will be discussed. Most indoor plants tend to have plain green leaves, with no patternation, making no real point of interest. Green leaves do not make a striking feature for an indoor plant, where you want something which makes a bold statement in the home.

You are looking for something that has some different features from interesting leaf shapes, deep and colourful veins, or some interesting patternation. The leaves may still be green …

Moving Pots in the Container Garden –Wheeled Garden Plant Pot Reviewed

Name of Product: Wheeled Garden Plant Pot Trolley

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: Not stated

Weight of Trolley 3.7kg

Maximum Weight it can Transport: up to 65kg.

My Rating: 8/10

In this article moving pots in the container garden will be discussed, in particular to the wheeled garden plant pot trolley.

We all know that container gardening is so much fun, allowing those without permanent soil beds to garden in and grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You know that you …

32 of the Best Flowering Houseplants (Plants that will Give Great Blooms Indoor)

In this article, 32 of the best flowering houseplants to use in your home will be discussed. Normally we look for plants in our homes to not only brighten it but also add splashes of colour.

Plants in our homes fall into two separate categories of those that are grown for the leaves, or those that are grown for their flowers. The latter will be discussed in this article.

The plants that are suggested are not only beautiful to look at but come in many different colorful flowers, …