Bog Plants for Containers in the Shade (Grow your Dream Bog Garden)

In this article, we extend our knowledge to cover bog plants for containers in the shade. In a previous article we learned about how to create a container garden from scratch, and to describe what plants can go into them in full sun. If you have a pond in the shade what plants are you to use, especially if you have no garden to put them in. This question will be answered hopefully in this article.

Shady areas close to water are perfect for growing a lot …

How to Create a Bog Garden in Containers- Part 1 Plants that can be Grown in Full Sun

In this article, you will learn how to create a bog garden in containers and to know which plants can be grown to create such a feature in full sun. You thought it would be not easy to do but with my guidance, you will soon have a beautiful bog garden without even needing a pond.

There are numerous plants that love growing in damp but not waterlogged conditions, which will struggle if the plant is allowed to dry out. These plants need constant moisture in order to …

Why Container Gardening is Better For Those With Disabilities

In this article, we will be discussing why container gardening is better for those with disabilities. These disabilities prevent them from leading a full, active life, especially in the garden.

When we think of a traditional garden, we see large areas that need to be dug over, fertilizer to be added, weeding and plants that need to be planted.

This is a daunting task for an able body person, but if you have limited mobility, this seems impossible, especially if you are in a wheelchair. The thought of …

10 of The Best Gifts to Get a Gardener for Christmas- Be more Adventurous

In this article, I will be reviewing 10 of the best gifts to get a gardener for Christmas. As Christmas is fast approaching and it is coming to the time to think about what gifts to buy your garden mad friends, neighbours, and opposite half.

I know what it is like you try to come up with novel and great ideas but you come up empty-handed. You scratch your head and eventually, you still buy the wrong present. I know some people are difficult to please but with …

10 Money and Time Saving Tips in the Container Garden

In this article, I am going to give you 10 money and time-saving tips for the container gardener. We are now all starting to learn to live within our means and this is equally applicable in the garden. We all need to find ways of reducing our expenditure but at the same time maintain a well-kept container garden. This is why this article is being written to impart my knowledge in order to save a bob or two.

Anyway, any money saved can be invested in a family …

Is It Better To Water Your Container Plants with Hard or Soft Water? – Does it Matter?

In this article, we will be answering the question ‘Is it better to water your container plants with hard or soft water?’

This is because gardeners worry that by watering with tap water that they may cause irreversible damage to the plant, and that they may eventually kill it. They are worried that the excessive metal ions found in normal tap water can, in the long run, cause a healthy plant to turn unhealthy.

This article is written to allay these fears but be warned as the …

How Small a Container Can you Use- What is the Minimum?

In this article, I will be discussing how small a container can be in order for your indoor and outdoor plants to not only survive but also to flourish.

There comes a time in every containers mind to what is the smallest container size that they can use so that the plant not only looks good, looks balanced and is productive in producing healthy flowers or fruits.

The first question that needs to be asked, is there such a thing? A pot that is optimally sized for all

Why the Container Gardener Should Make their Own Compost?

In this article, we will be discussing why the container gardener should make their own compost. Why this method of making your own compost not only saves you money but also is good for the environment. If you make your own compost at home, this will reduce the need to buy new compost every year. Reduce but not totally eliminate.

It must be remembered that homemade compost does not have the right nutrient balance in it, but with careful preparation, it can be used as a supplement in …

Plants for Tropical Container Gardens- Going for The Exotic Look

In this article, plants for tropical container gardens will be discussed. As we all become more experimental in our gardens, we take influences from around the world. From the tropics, we look to the brightly-coloured flowers and lush, colourful leaves. You may be worried that many of these plants cannot survive our cold, frosty winters but this is clearly not true if we look after our heat-loving plants well.

We can create tropical container gardens if the right plant is selected. Some of these plants hail from hot …

The 7 Types of Composts for the Container Gardener (Getting the Choice Right)

In this article, the 7 types of composts for the container gardener will be discussed. As you can imagine it is quite confusing to know what compost to use in your container garden. You need to match the compost to the needs of the plant in question, and this means knowing about the growing conditions and habit of the plant is normally found in and try to replicate this in the garden.

Commercial composts that you find is different from the compost you make at home, as the …