Seed Sowing Chart for Vegetables

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What follows in this Page is all the relevant information concerning the growing and storing of various vegetable seeds. It covers life expectancy of the seeds, expected yield from one plant, time from sowing to picking, expected germination time, minimum germination temperature, optimal germination temperature and when to sow. Only seeds relevant to container gardening will be shown.

This easy to follow guide used in conjunction with my growing vegetables in containers articles (Growing vegetables in containers- growing your own meals and Growing potatoes and tomatoes in containers) will help you to achieve the best possible results when growing the crop from seed.

When sowing seeds it is recommended to use the best quality seed sowing compost. The compost should be well-drained and not over watered. The number of days of germination will only be a rough guide, as this will vary on the temperature and light that is applied.

Seed sowing chart for vegetables

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