Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

In this article, we will be discussing what worthwhile edible plants that can be grown in the home indoors.

Many edible plants can be grown indoors, anything from herbs, vegetables and some fruit plants. They will make an attractive but functional addition to the windowsill and also in some cases provide scent.

Growing edibles in the home also has the great advantage that the produce you have is close to hand, especially useful when the weather is bad and you are cooking something. You can have you own …

Growing Baby Vegetables in the Container Garden- Smaller is Better

In this article, we will be discussing what varieties of baby vegetables to grow in your container garden. The obvious question is why would you want to grow baby vegetables, as they are smaller in size? They may be smaller in size but offer much more in the way of flavour and in this article, this question will be answered.


We are talking about cauliflowers no bigger than a tennis ball, small beetroots, bite-sized tomatoes, cucumbers that fit in the palms of your hands, …

Growing Oriental Vegetables in Containers (Grow More Exotic Varieties)

In this article, growing Oriental vegetables in containers will be discussed. In previous articles, I have discussed growing traditional vegetables in containers including potatoes and tomatoes. I have also discussed growing salad leave mixes in containers and non-standard vegetables in containers.

In this article, we are going to discuss growing more exotic vegetables in the container garden as a means of turning the ordinary to the extraordinary. They are a group of exotic plants that are slowly being introduced to the British garden.

They are predominantly …

Growing Non-Standard Vegetables in Containers (Growing more than Potatoes)

In this article on the growing of non-standard vegetables in containers will be broached. In previous articles, I have discussed traditional vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, chilies, beans, etc in containers.

This group often appear in plant and seed catalogues, and in online seed companies. All the favourites are found here but some like kohlrabi and scorzonera are not often found in the container vegetable garden. They have been in catalogues for a long time but they are not classed as non-standard vegetables. They may …

Growing Flowers for Food in Containers (Flower for Salads, Garnishes, Vegetables, Desserts and Drinks)

In this article, I will be discussing growing flowers for food in containers that can be used for salads, garnishes, vegetables, desserts, and drinks. They will not only add interest for your dinner plate but also introduce more exotic flavours to your starters, main course and desserts.

Flowers have been used in our cuisines for thousands of years, with the Chinese using blooms in 3000 BCE, whilst Romans used roses, violets, and lavender in their dishes.

The practice is still going strong, with many restaurants, using flowers in …

Grow Your Own Salad Leave Mixes in Containers (Grow Much More Than Lettuce)

This article concerns the growing of salad leave mixes in containers. In a previous post I touched upon how to grow salad leaves in containers, but now I want to go in this important topic in greater detail in what varieties can be grown, and how to make your own salad seed mixes.

In this way, you can mix and grow your own salad leaves that you like and avoid those that you prefer not to eat. No more picking out leaves that you do not like …

Growing Soft Fruit in Containers- Grow More than Strawberries

In a previous article (Growing fruit trees in containers-there’s a fruit tree for you) fruit trees that can be grown in containers was discussed. It is now time to turn our concentration and attention to growing soft fruit in containers.

Soft fruit tends not to grow as big as fruit trees, and therefore more types can be grown in containers. You can grow blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant, white currant, gooseberries, goji berries, and grapes.

What follows is a discussion of what soft fruits …

Growing Potatoes and Tomatoes in Containers

In a previous article (Growing Vegetables in Containers- Growing your own Meals) I omitted the growing of potatoes and tomatoes in containers, as I wanted to go into their growing in greater details.

In this article, the growing of potatoes and tomatoes will be discussed, as these are the most grown vegetables in the UK. They tend to be some of the easiest vegetables to grow, but only if you follow the right methodology, otherwise poor yields can result.


Potatoes traditionally are divided into three categories; first …

Growing Vegetables in Containers- Growing your Own Meals

In theory, it is possible to grow any vegetables in containers, if a large enough container is used. This may not be practical as the return from some vegetables in containers is so small.

It makes sense to concentrate on high-value crops, the crops which are harder to find in shops or are very expensive to buy. One myth that is often spread is that home grow vegetables taste better than shop bought. This is not true, sometime it will taste better, other times it will taste inferior. …