Seeds Sowing Chart for Half Hardy Perennials

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In this page, you will find all the relative information concerning the sowing of Half Hardy Perennials or Tender Perennials. These are perennials that cannot take any frost and should not be planted in the garden unless you are prepared to offer protection. It is normally best to place them in containers and either cover them in fleece or move into the protection of a greenhouse or home in winter. This guide covers a wide range of plants that are normally started indoors or in heated greenhouses throughout the year. This is an easy to follow guide that goes into the expected germination time, its preference for light or dark conditions, its optimal germination temperature, its sow depth and any additional information that will help you to get the best from the seeds that you wish to plant.

As ever, I recommend the use of a good quality seed compost is used and is well-drained. All seeds depths reported here are a guide, and if seeds need to be covered that fine grade vermiculite is used.

In this chart:

S (Surface Sow) signifies that the seed needs light to germinate so it should not be covered.

JC(Just Cover) signifies that a fine sprinkling of fine grade vermiculite is used to cover the seeds after sowing.

NB if the seed does not have light or dark against its name, it means that the seed does not have a preference for light or dark conditions; it will do equally well in both conditions as long as the sowing depth is adhered to.Seed sowing chart for half hardy perennials

Seed sowing chart for half hardy perennial

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