How to Display your Houseplants in- Anything but Small Pots

In this article, we will be discussing all the possible ways to display your houseplant in. When we buy houseplants, we do not often think about the containers we want to display them in.

You have many choices to what you can go for, and I have reviewed the 7 best pots you can have in your home, but there are alternatives that can be used to display your beautiful houseplants in.

This is the crux of this article, where the different types of container for houseplant …

ROOT !t Heat Mat- Are They Worth the Investment?

Name of Product: Root It Heat Mats & Thermostat Heated Propagation Heaters

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 25cm x 35cm, 40 x 60cm and 40 x 120cm.

My Score: 9/10

In this article, I will be talking about heat mats and their importance on propagating seeds, especially the root it heat mats . In a previous article, I talked about electrical propagators and their use in germinating seeds, but if you have a large number of seeds then a heat mat becomes necessary.

Propagators …

3 of the Best Electric Propagators to Start your Seeds in

In this article, 3 of the best electric propagators to start your seed in will be discussed. We are now reaching the point where we start to look to the new growing season. This means planting new seeds to produce flowers, vegetables and fruits for the forthcoming growing year.

If you look at the requirements of certain seeds like aubergines, chillies and some flower seeds need heat to germinate them, as without it the seeds will refuse to germinate and may rot before the seed has had a …

DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit- A Review

Name of Product: DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit, Self-Watering System Device, Solar Energy Charging.

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 23cm x18cm x 13cm

Shipping Weight: 0.710 kg

My Score:8.5/10

If you have followed my website for a while, you know how many different watering devices I have discussed a number of ways of watering from watering spikes, micro-irrigations system, water butts and expandable hoses.

I want to continue to find new methods that you as gardeners can use. I was thinking …

Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planters- Worth Garden 36 Pockets, a Review

Name of Product: Worth Garden 36 Pockets Hanging Vertical Garden Living Wall Planter with Dripping Hose Self-Watering.

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 495cm x 33cm x 34cm.

Shipping Weight: 6.8kg.

My Score: 8/10

in this article, we will be discussing why you need wall planters in your garden. When you are in the garden, especially in summer, where you tend to be sitting down enjoying a glass of wine or two (or a beer); you often look around your garden, enjoying all your containers …

7 of the Best Houseplant Containers to Have in your Home

In this article, I will be discussing 7 of the best houseplant containers to have in your home. When most people buy houseplants they do not think about the containers the houseplant will be displayed in. If you get the selection of houseplant pot right it will not only enhance the beauty of the plants but will also blend or contrast with your home décor. This will add extra panache to your home.

In a previous article, we talked about complying a houseplant kit in which the importance …

Phostrogen Plant Food, a Liquid Fertilizer- A Review

Name of Product: Phostrogen All-purpose Plant Food, 200 Can.

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 10.1cm x 13.6cm x 23cm.

Shipping Weight: 2.05kg

My Rating: 10/10

In this article, I will be reviewing Phostrogen plant food to see if its suitability in container gardening or gardening in general. In a previous article have talked about slow-release fertilizers and its suitability to release nutrients to plants slowly over the growing season.

This is okay when the plant is healthy but sometimes like us, …

What You Need to Have in Your Houseplant Kit?

In this article, I will be discussing what you need to have in your houseplant kit in order to get the best from your houseplants. When people start buying houseplants or are given houseplants as a gift, you do not know what items you need to buy to look after the plants well.

This article is for you as I will be enclosing what products you need to get the best from your houseplants, as all aspects will be covered from beginning to the end.


Eight of the Most Beautiful Plant Stands For Displaying your Houseplants

In this article, eight of the most beautiful plant stands for displaying your houseplant will be discussed. We all know the scenario, slowly but surely your indoor plant collection is growing. You go online or visit garden centres and you cannot say no to that extra houseplant, so you buy it.

Your houseplant collection is growing but how do you present them in a way that is not only pleasing to the eye but also structurally sound.

You can have plenty of houseplants close together but this occupies …

7 of the Best Bird Foods to Feed Your Birds

In this article, I will be discussing 7 of the best foods to feed your bird friends. We are fast approaching winter, which is a lean time for our feathery friends. Although they can find their own source of food, it will not hurt or harm them to supplement their diet.

There are so many different bird foods out there and it seems a mind field to which one to choose.

In a previous article, I reviewed 5 of the best bird feeder, but now what stuff should …