Bugclear Ultra, a Review- Is it an Effective Insecticide

Caterpillars can be a serious pest in the garden
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Name of Product: Bug Clear Ultra Spray Bottle

The Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

The Volume of Product: 1 Litre

Shipping Weight: unknown

Also can be bought as a concentrate

 My Rating: 8.5/10

In this article, we will be talking about Bug Clear ultra for those gardeners who want something extra to use in the garden. In previous articles, I have talked about neem oil, an organic product but sometimes you want to try something that you know will be effective under more conditions often found in the garden.

Caterpillars can be a serious pest in the garden
Caterpillars can be a serious pest in the garden

The product is based on scientific research that is known to target various pests in the garden.

You want a product that is not only quick but can deal with the problem sharpish.

The problem is that as you walk around the container garden or any garden, you often see your beloved plants being attacked by pests that can cause damage to your plants. This tends to bring heartaches and distress to the gardener.

You spend time looking after plants; you feed them, you water them, you plant it in the right position. This may make the plant healthier but also makes them attractive to various insects that invade your garden. Your garden may look beautiful to you but what looks tranquil may hide a variety of problems.


If you want to know what beasties can invade your garden, it can be found here. Remember using sprays is totally inorganic and discriminatory, as it can kill both friends and foes.

You must spray based on your own requirements and have concerns about the effect that it has on the ecosystem of the garden. Some people worry about their plants and from experience will know when a plant will need spraying and when it will not.

This is where Bugclear comes into play, where these hungry insect infestations can be kept under control.


This is an insecticide that gives a systemic control of many pests that can affect your gardens. This includes aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, mealybugs, scale insects and red spider mites. It will mainly deal with these pests but can be used to protect various plants in your garden before any pests come to consume your plants.

The problem is that some plants seem to be attacked each year; roses start to attract aphids, nasturtiums and broad beans get blackfly, tomatoes in the greenhouse gets whitefly, rhododendrons and other shrubs suffer from mealybugs and scale insects that often have protective layers that make ordinary sprays ineffective.

If you use the spray correctly and at the right time infections should be kept to a minimal. The active ingredient that is present in the spray has two functions.


Firstly, it is a contact pesticide that will quickly eliminate greenfly and blackfly. Once the affected plant is sprayed, the active ingredient is also a systemic pesticide, where the plant absorbs the chemical into the leaves and thus producing a response in the plant that gives it some insect attack protection. The bugs normally ingest the insecticide through their mouths and will soon die.

All you need to do is spray any ornamental plants, fruit and veg plants where any pest infestation is visible. It may not be effective on thrips or vine weevils, but it may reduce the effect that these bugs have on your plants. The beauty of the spray is that you can use it on flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg and ornamental plant without causing any damage to the plants.

If you well ventilate the home, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.  What is recommended is that you do not apply the insecticide more than 4 times a year on the same plant, as this can damage the plant beyond salvation.


Spraying the leaves on the plant, both on the outside and inside, so that pests can be dealt with. Do not overspray as this will waste product. Only spray until the leaves are well covered.

Caterpillars are a serious pest
Caterpillars are a serious pest

Do not spray in direct sunlight as this can cause sunscald on the leaves or in windy conditions as this will cause the product to spray everywhere and waste product. You will need to wear gloves and protective gear when using this product. It is best to spray in early morning or evening on a cloudy, still day, where the spray will be the most effective.

You can apply it from April to the end of September for outdoor plants. For indoor plants, you can use it all year round.

Pesticide resistance is possible with some aphids and blackfly, where the product will not be effective. If this is the case, this product will be ineffectual and you will have to rely on something more potent.

You can repeat application every 10 to 21 days, once the first appearance of insects of their symptoms is noted. It can even be used on fruit or vegetable crops 14 days before you wish to harvest them. Always wash your fruit and veg thoroughly before you consume them.

It is not recommended to use this product on plants that are newly transplanted or for sweet peas or begonias

For those who have used the product, it comes with high praise.


  •  A product based on scientific research can control a wide range of insects from aphids, caterpillars, whitefly, scale, mealybugs and red spider mites.
  •  Value for money, especially if you use it correctly.
  •  Can be used on a wide range of plants from edibles, ornamentals, shrubs and trees.


  •  It is not organic and will kill friend and foe indiscriminately.
  • Not safe for children or pests when applied.
  •  It is not effective for all pests and those that have developed resistance to the pesticide.


You can say that I have had a busy life as a gardener, both in my own or in others I have used Bugclear Ultra. It is an effective insecticide and can treat a wide range of infections on a wide range of plants. I have seen bad infestations dealt with using this product but some say that you will need to spray a lot to get the desired results.

If you want to control but not necessarily eliminate pests in your garden, you cannot go wrong using this product. Remember it will kill the good guys as well as the bad guys, so use it with caution. A product that should be in the armoury of any gardener.

If you are keen to try this product do so here. A product that can help in the garden, especially if other pesticides have not worked in the past.

If you have any questions or comments that have been bugging you, please do so in the comment box below.

Be Bug-Free.


6 thoughts on “Bugclear Ultra, a Review- Is it an Effective Insecticide”

  1. Wow! This is really good here. Honestly, it can he very challenging when the garden is overrun by insects and dominating thereby causing dangers to our plants. However. Seeing what you shared here and what we can actually stand to gain form using an insecticide can help ensure the safety of the crops and plants in general. Thanks so much for sharing here

    1. Hi Nath

      It is my pleasure to be as helpful as possible to gardeners to help them to make better, more informed decisions. The amount of chemicals that can be used safely has vastly reduced from previous years and it can be a minefield to know what is currently available. 



  2. The idea of making use of an insecticide is really nice and it can save your plants a lot and make them grow well without having to deal with the problem from insects, especially aphids amd scale. However, while making use of this insecticide we should seek people knowledge of it because some of them can be harmful to our plants. 

    1. Hi Justin

      Thank you for once more stopping by and commenting, as you do bring an extra dimension to the subject.  Insecticides are an important consideration in gardening and you must have excess to the right choice, and hence why I do write extensively on the subject. I want to get gardeners choosing the right one.



  3. Thanks again for your support, insecticides are very good but what makes it annoying to me is the fact that to get an effective one is hard, this bugclear ultra sounds really functional and I think it’s gonna be a good one, I have a lot of things I need to do with it. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Hi Bruce

      I am glad that I can be of assistance, as you want to get on top of any infestation before the problem becomes worse if you do not do anything about it. IIn my reviews i try to be as helpful as possible and this is on eproduct that can be used in the garden.



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