Fungus Clear Ultra, a Review- A Fungicide Like No Other?

Black spot a common problem that can be treated with Fungusclear
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Name of Product: Fungus Clear Ultra Concentrate, 225ml

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Product Dimensions: 48cm x 81cm x 16.2cm

Shipping Weight: 260g

 My Rating: 8/10

In this article, we will be discussing if Fungus Clear Ultra is worthwhile to have in your garden toolbox. In past articles, I have discussed other fungicides include garlic wonder, SB Invigorators and neem oil.

Black spot a common problem that can be treated with Fungusclear
Black spot a common problem that can be treated with Fungus clear

It is time to see if there is another fungicide that can be used if the others do not live up to the promise. As we often walk around the garden after it has been dry, you often observe powdery mildew on your plants, or conversely, it has been raining non-stop and your plants have various brown spots on them.

What they have in common is that your garden is suffering from fungal infections that need to be treated as quickly as possible. This is where fungus clear ultra comes into play and should be considered in the garden.


This is a fungicide for the control of some fungal infections of flowering plants, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, particularly roses and conifers. It is not suitable for edibles in particular soft fruit and vegetables. You need to use fungicides suitable for vegetables and fruits such as Weedkil, Bug and Mildew Plant Control for fruit and vegetables. It can be used in the garden, greenhouse, conservatory and for houseplants.

if you want to know what fungal diseases plants can suffer from, I suggest you read my article on pest and disease in the container garden

It has 3 actions that control existing diseases on plants. It will protect them and it can enhance their own ability to protect itself. If you plant suffers from powdery mildew or fungal blackspot (true fungal plant spots) and rust (particularly on roses and on hollyhocks) then this is the product for you.

Rust can be detrimental in the garden
Rust can be detrimental in the garden

It is particularly good at these fungal diseases but it can also have some effect in tree suffering from anthracnose and conifers from leaf blight. For other fungal infection in the garden, it will be a trial and error process. It may treat it or it may not have any effect at all.


For example, the spray will not work on botrytis, so it is a waste of time and money to apply it if your plant suffers from these conditions.

Once the disease is controlled, the active ingredient in the spray will protect the plant for a certain time from further fungal infections.

It can also enhance plants as it has plant oils that will make the leaves on your plants look stunning and healthy.

If you want the fungicide to be as effective as possible, you need to spray at the first sign of infection and then you will need to spray it regularly for the rest of the growing season.


A systemic product is a chemical that is absorbed through the whole leaves. The plant that makes the chemical to mimic the protection to all leaves, stems and roots. The great thing as the systemic fungicide is absorbed into the plant is that rainwater and sunshine do not diminish the effectiveness of the product.

The active ingredient in this fungicide is triticonazole, an effective anti-fungal in the garden.


As it concentrated product, you will need to dilute it before applying it to plants.

  1.   Shake the bottle well.
  2. Using the provided measuring cap and add 15ml of product to each litre of water.
  3. Add this to a garden pressure sprayer and then add 1 litre of tap water.
  4. Shake the mixture and then use it on your affected plants immediately. It does not store well and any product made will have to be used within a couple of days.

Apply on still, cloudy days, spraying evenly to wet upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. The leaves must just be wet and no run-off coming from the leaves. Do not apply near food crops as it can contaminate the plants in question.

Botrytis cannot be treated with this fungicide
Botrytis cannot be treated with this fungicide

5 application at the right time can protect your plants for up to 4 months, at monthly intervals.

You can use the product from April to September outside but all year round in your home. For most fungal infections, you can spray every 21 days. For badly affected roses with blackspot observed in the previous growing season, spraying should start in spring where the leaves are starting to emerge and then continued throughout the growing season (up to 5 times a year).

Can be applied up to 5 times a year, where each application can give a month’s protection.


  •  A product that is effective against powdery mildew, black spot and rust.
  •  Value for money, 225ml can make up to 150 litres of the applicable product.
  •  Uses a well-known and reliable anti-fungal agent that works on the garden.
  •  Just as effective as other fungicides.


  •  Not organic, so not good if you garden based on organic principles.
  •  Not to be used for edibles.
  •  Will not work with all fungal infections on all plants. You may waste your money but this is uncertain until you have tried the product on your plants.


Every garden you have visited will have various fungal infections that need to be dealt with very quickly. I have used Fungus Clear Ultra in the past with great results. It is not a go-to systemic fungicide, as it will not work for all fungal infections.

It is a great product and well worth the investment of time and effort. I know not everybody like to use organic products but sometimes you need a product that can control severe outbreaks. A fungicide that eliminates and protects, a wonderful addition to any gardener range of fungicides.

If you wish to buy this product, do so here and you will not live to regret it.

If you have any comments or questions that you wish to raise, please do so in the comment box below.

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8 thoughts on “Fungus Clear Ultra, a Review- A Fungicide Like No Other?”

  1. Hello Antonio, thanks for sharing this wonderful information about this plant treatment. I have been really suffering from fungal attack on my plants and sometime ago I used the wrong treatments and it affected my plants. Getting a good one like the Fungus Clear Ultra Concentrate would help me a lot. Cheers

    1. Hi Justin

      It I’d good to heat from you again and I cannot agree with you anymore. If you get the right fungicide then you will be happy and so will your plants. This choice is often difficult, if you find s good one keep it close to your chest and never let it go.



  2. Hello Antonio, I really enjoyed reading your article ‘Fungus Clear Ultra, a Review – A Fungicide Like No Other’ and was impressed by the product that you reviewed. Fungus Clear Ultra seems like a really reliable and competent fungicide. It’s important to be able to find a good fungicide that will be safe to use but these days that is very hard 

    1. Hi Beesan

      At one time you could be a bucket load  of fungicide for a vast array of problems but alas those days are long gone, because of the safety aspects of the chemicals involved and the damage they do to the environment   it is good to hear and see of a product that can be used in the garden and work, so go for it.



  3. Thanks for sharing this article, there are lots of companies that manufactures fungicide but most of them are not as effective as they seem to be that is why this fungicide clear ultra is a good product and it’ll be very helpful and effective for fungi control. It’s nice to read

    1. Hi Bruce

      I  am glad that you enjoyed the article  and i do hope that you apply it to your own garden. Be in control of the fungus or the fungus will be in control of you. Be proactive. 



  4. First of all I like to thank you for sharing such a great article on “fungus clear ultra”. I live in a tropical Country and my wife and my mom seems to have a plants race, lol. yes they so love plants so much that they get together for Plants meetings every week. this article is much needed and helpful to them I’m sure, so I’m sharing this with them and thank you much for sharing this comprehensive article with us.


    1. Hi Earl 

      I think it is important to discuss gardening as to many it such an important topic and can bring joy to many people. Fungus on the other hand bring misery to the gardener as it makes your plants look sad but it does not have to be that way.

      kind regards


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