Phostrogen Plant Food, a Liquid Fertilizer- A Review

Watering can full of liquid fertilzer would do your plants good
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Name of Product: Phostrogen All-purpose Plant Food, 200 Can.

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Product Dimensions: 10.1cm x 13.6cm x 23cm.

Shipping Weight: 2.05kg

My Rating: 10/10

In this article, I will be reviewing Phostrogen plant food to see if its suitability in container gardening or gardening in general. In a previous article have talked about slow-release fertilizers and its suitability to release nutrients to plants slowly over the growing season.

Watering can full of liquid fertilzer would do your plants good
Watering can full of liquid fertilizer would do your plants good

This is okay when the plant is healthy but sometimes like us, plants need a health tonic to be at its best. This is where liquid fertilisers come into play as they can deliver nitrogen, phosphorous potassium, macronutrients and trace elements that plants need immediately. This liquid fertiliser will address any nutrient shortfall the plant will be suffering form; a tonic verse a more substantial meal.

Liquid fertilisers are ideal for those who like watering there plants frequently, as this soluble feed is added per scoopful into a watering can.

This is beneficial in two regards; firstly you add the feed when watering and so is easier to remember to feed without the need of extra time set aside to fertilise your plants. Secondly, no fertiliser will be wasted, often when you add slow-release fertiliser to your compost prior to planting or as top-dressing to existing plants, you use more than is required.

This is not so with liquid fertilisers as all the feed used will become available to the plants in question. No waste of product and you will save a lot of unused product in this way.


Do not think about liquid fertilizers and slow-release fertilizers are incompatible with each other.

No, on the contrary, they actually complement each other, where liquid fertilisers can be used on its own throughout the growing season to feed your plants, or they can be used together with slow-release fertiliser when the plant looks like it can do with an extra boost.

The liquid fertiliser will act as an additional feed.

I am talking about if the plant leaves start yellowing or generally shows signs of looking sad and deformed because of nutrients deficiencies.


Phostrogen is a soluble liquid fertiliser plant food that when regularly applied throughout the growing season will give plants all the nutrients they need to be healthy. They will be bigger in size than those who are unfed, blooms will be larger and more numerous, and they may suffer from less disease. Fruits may be more abundant and your vegetables will be healthier.

The nitrogen in the liquid fertilizer will ensure that the new green shoots that emerge are healthier, with more healthy leaves being produced.

The phosphorous in this product will ensure that the roots develop better and healthier, whilst the potassium ensures that the plant flowers and fruits are produced more prolifically.

The micronutrients and trace elements are present in the right qualities to ensure plants do not suffer from any deficiencies at all. If you add the right amount of product at the right time, you can be safely ensured that your plants will be at their best.

The biggest problem is that plants in containers or in the garden will absorb all the available nutrients through their roots. These nutrients that are taken need to be replaced quickly or as said previously the plants will start to show signs of not looking well at all. This is where phostrogen comes into play, as the nutrients that have been taken will be replaced and available to the plants.


It is one of the best liquid fertiliser a gardener can use, as it has a high nitrogen: phosphorous: potassium ratio of 16:20:24 and has all the trace elements a plant will need.

It has multiple uses in the garden greenhouse or even for houseplants. For your plants to be at their healthiest you need to be consistent yourself. You need to consistently water and feed your plants throughout the growing season.

The liquid fertiliser has so many benefits from healthier leaves, larger blooms and more fruits. The blooms may even last longer and the plants become more resistant to drier, drought conditions.

The roots will also be healthier as healthy roots make a stronger plant. It can even be used for seedlings as long as it is used at the recommended dosage.


Using phostrogen is quite easy, all you need to do is:

1. Measure the feed via the provided scoop and then add directly into a watering can. Normally one scoop is enough for 4.5 litres of water, so a ten litres sized watering can will need 2 scoops, whilst a smaller capacity watering can of 7 litres will require 1 and a half scoops.

2. Add water and dilute the soluble feed nearly to the brim. Mix well either by gently swishing the water can around or by stirring using a stick.

3. Once the solution is made, water the plants immediately around the roots or you can spray it on the leaves as a foliar feed.

Alternatively, you can add the powder around the roots and water it in. When applying as a foliar feed do not apply the product in bright sun, as this can scald the plant. It is best to use the product as a foliar feed on dull days.

For general garden plants of flowers, fruit and vegetable, add 1 scoop per 4.5 litres of water every 1 to 2 weeks.

If you use it for young plants and seedlings the recommended dosage is one-quarter scoop per 4.5 litres of water every week.

For hungry tomato plants, 1 scoop per 4.5 litres of water every week.

For Houseplants add 1/8 of a scoop per litre of water and use its every week as a direct feed to the soils or as a foliar feed.


  • This can make up to 200 watering cans worth of feed in such a cheap price.
  • All nutrients and trace elements will become available to the plants immediately.
  • Easy to use, provided you remember to add it to your watering can and use it at the recommended application rate.
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Will last a long time, or at least one growing season.


  • Do not store it under wet conditions, as the fertiliser will dissolve and you will lose all your product for nothing.

You must water in between applications of the liquid fertiliser. This is important as this will prevent salt build up over time. Excessive salts can be just as bad as nutrient deficiencies. Feed once a week and between feedings water with only water, as this will flush excessive mineral build-up out.


I have used phostrogen for a number of years with great results. My plants most certainly look healthier, my blooms are definitely bigger and more abundant. This is only observed if you feed regularly throughout the growing season. Miss a feed or two and your plants will not be as healthy at all.

It is such a great product that I would highly recommend for all gardeners. If you want to buy one buy it from here.

If you have any questions or comments you wish to make, please do so in the comment box below.

Happy growing.


18 thoughts on “Phostrogen Plant Food, a Liquid Fertilizer- A Review”

  1. Wow! Very good review! I really like your review ..
    You are right to say that liquid fertilizer can help improve the structure of the soil, increase soil permeability and minimize land dependence on the use of inorganic fertilizers.
    I also like using this fertilizer, because it is easier to use and has better plant growth. However, I have never tried phostrogen. Because I usually use Margaflor. Have you ever used it? If so, how is the comparison of the result given?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi asmadi

      It is always good to get other people’s opinion on their use of fertilizer and for short term use and for a plant quick pick me up, then this is one of the best. I got to admit I have not heard of Margaflor as there are so many fertilizers on the market, it becomes hard to keep track of them. I will look in to it.



  2. I totally agree with you here concerning everything you have written about phostragen here.  It is somewhat the dry and the cold season and it may be rather difficult to ensure the plants have the perfect nutrients in this season especially with lack of sun. So, getting something like phostragen would be almost perfect for the survivor of any plant during this period especially. Thanks for this

    1. Hi Rodarrick

      Thank you very much for those kind words.  You need to give your plants the best fertilizers possible and they will reward you with many blooms and fruits. Fertilizers are so important for the plants survival, so you need to give them the best.

      Kind regards


  3. Hey thank you for another great review!  This one is one of the more important ones and interesting ones I have read on your site!  This feed sounds great, and the fact that it can be used effectively with different plants is simply amazing!  Do you know if this would always be good for Cacti? 

    1. Hi Jessie

      Thank you for your endorsement and I am glad you are enjoyed this article. It should do no harm to your cactus but with houseplant I would recommend you read my article on What You Need to Have in Your Houseplant Kit? as this will have everything you need to know about the products suitable to get the best from your houseplants. Phostrogen is more suitable for flowering plants.

      Kind regards


  4. I enjoy reading your posts and can’t wait for spring to come and try out some of the tips I found on this site. I already used some liquid fertilizer for my indoor flowers, and it really made a difference. I’ll try Phostrogen for my garden flowers. I like the large package, so it will really last, and the liquid fertilizer is also really easy to use. Can you tell me when the best time to start using Phostrogen is? 

    1. Hi Blue Moon

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting with those delightful words. Phostrogen is such a good product that once you have tried it, you will never want to use another liquid fertilizer. The best time to use it is from spring all the way to early autumn, when the plant is actively growing as this is when the plant needs it’s nutrients. If you use the product at the recommended dosage, you will never go wrong. Remember over fertilization is just as bad as under fertilization.

      Kind regards


  5. This is my first time to read about Phostrogen plant food. Thank you for taking your time to share this review with us based on your research and personal experience with the product for years now. I am really amazed at the effectiveness of this liquid fertilizer which can even do better if used along side with slow released fertilizers.

    Thanks for the recommendation and for the tips to secure and use it effectively. I know for sure that this will help our plants do better.

    Kind regards!

    1. Hi MrBiizy

      Thank you for those kind words and I hope your plants grow very well in the forthcoming growing season

      Kind regards


  6. Hi I would like to thankyou for your informative article about Phostrogen plant food. Your review was very helpful. Being a bit of a green thumb I am always looking for reviews on products that might help me with my gardening. I agree Phostrogen is a very good liquid fertilizer and I only want the best for my garden. Thanks for your great review.

    1. Hi Marcus 

      Thank you very much for this delightful feedback on your experience with this product and I could  not agree with you much more. You can say that Phostrogen is the bees knee.



  7. I love gardening and I love the fact that you made mention of this product “Phostrogen All-purpose Plant Food”. Indeed, plants really need a health tonic to be at its best always just as we humans need health supplements to improve our health.

    I love my garden and I think that this is the best stuff available. For a very long time, I have used the very well-known rival but I went back to this and the difference in my garden was remarkable.  And the tip you gave on how to use phostrogen are just great.

    This is really an informative article.

    1. Hi Kell

      Thank you for these enlightening words as they hit home the importance of getting the right feed for your plants. Get the feed right and your plants will reward you multiple blooms and fruits. Your experience will help people a lot.



  8. Hiya Antonio

    Thanks for your informative article about Phostrogen plant food. It was very timely for me as I am a terrible gardener! I love houseplants and flora and fauna in general but I am so bad at looking after them that I kill several yearly😔Is there a book or website that provides gardening tips for dummies? Obviously you have your site here which I will be bookmarking but I need special help because I sometimes find even the simplest instructions difficult to follow. 

    Maybe a children’s book with step by step pictures would work for me. I am going to get some of the liquid plant food as I think I could probably measure that better than the powder form. Let’s see if with your advice I can help my plants to grow better and live longer, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Hi Purplelioness

      Thank you for stepping by and to answer your question is that my website will cover all your needs from how to plant seeds and bulbs, how to water and feed. You have no need to go anywhere. It is important to get confident, do not be scared to fail, as it can be seen as a learning curve. All you need to do is find out what you did wrong and then do not repeat them, eventually you will become confident enough to succeed.

      Kind regards


  9. Hey Antonio, Thank you for writing on Phostrogen Plant Food, a Liquid Fertilizer- A Review. I enjoy while reading your article and find it very useful. The liquid fertiliser will act as an additional feed. The nitrogen in the liquid fertilizer will ensure that the new green shoots that emerge are healthier, with more healthy leaves being produced. We will now use phostrogen to keep my plants healthier. Thank you 


    1. Hi Parveen

      Thank you very much for commenting on Phostrogen as it is  such an useful product to have in the garden. Use it and your plants will thank you.


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