Water Retaining Gel, a Review- Reduce your Need to Water Product

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Product: Gardman Water Gel Tub

Best Place to buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Product Dimensions: 12 x 12x 10cm

Shipping Weight: 0.885kg

My score: 9/10

Anybody who has a container garden will know how frequent it needs watering, as they do tend to dry out quickly, especially in hot weather. Every summer it is the same routine, you get up, the sun is shining in the deep blue sky, and your container plants are starting to get thirsty. So you have to fill a watering can or to use a hose to water plants to prevent them from wilting in the midday sun. If you are doing this every day throughout the summer months, then this would become very laborious.

What if there was a way in which watering can be reduced, where your plants will not suffer or wilt. There is an answer to your prayers and it is this water retaining gel from Gardman.

A product when added to compost, will make it more moisture retentive and therefore require less watering. You will not need to lug those heavy watering cans to the top of the container, at such frequent intervals.


Water retaining gel is specially designed granules that swells up to 4 times their original size when exposed to moisture, and therefore act as a water reservoir for your container plants. This will make watering more manageable, so there will not be any frantic need for watering. By using this water retaining gel it will reduce the number of times pots, window boxes or hanging baskets need to be watered, thus saving time and water requirements.

Please note, the addition of water retaining gel does not replace frequent checking of the containers, as the water required is so dependent on the plants within the container, and its level of maturity (more mature plants have higher water demands). Check in hot, dry weather when the plant is actively growing to ensure that each container has the right level of water.


Hanging baskets– When you are making your growing media for your hanging baskets, you need to mix the water retaining gel, with the multipurpose compost, at the recommended dosage written on the package. Hanging baskets can be difficult to water as they have little compost in, and are prone to dry out quickly as they are high up and expose more to the hot sun and drying winds. By adding this water retaining gel will reduce the watering stress the plants are exposed too thus producing a healthier plant.

• Containers, pots and window boxes- Normally have plants crowned into a small place. These plants tend to be quick growing annuals and therefore would appreciate a constant water supply. This is where this water retaining gel comes into play. Do not use if you are using drought-tolerant plants or succulents, as this will not achieve much. Add the granules along with your compost before planting or when you are re-housing an already existing plant.


The water retaining gel will swell up to 4 times its original volume when wet. Be careful not to add any more than necessary, as recommended by the instructions on the packaging.  This is normally 1 teaspoon per container, use more if the container is larger, use less if it is a small container. Do not add too much as this will cause the growing media to swell up too much, pushing the plants up and out of the container.

Some products have added feed mixed in with them (this does not), whilst other multipurpose compost has water retaining agents already mixed in. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are not adding water retaining gel twice.

Do not store the product in a hot, wet or sunny place, as this will cause the product to degrade.

With any garden chemical product, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after use, to avoid any contamination.


Water retaining gel does break down over time, but it does take years, some claiming up to 5 years. So at the end of the growing season and you are preparing to dispose of the spent compost, with the added water retaining gel, can be safely done so in a compost heap.

The container compost and water retaining gel can also be used as a mulch in the garden or dug in as a soil improver. This is provided that the compost/water retaining gel mixture is pest and disease free. If not, dispose of the spent compost at your local household waste recycling facility.

If you are using the water retaining gel and compost as a mulch, then it will look weird, as a clear gel would sit on top of the soil. This is especially true if it has been raining.


• Reduces watering up to 4 times.

• Comes in a big tube and so will last a long time.

• Less risk of plants being water deprived. This will result in healthier, more productive plants, with more blooms and fruits.

• Releases water to plants when required and not before.

• Suitable for pots, containers and hanging baskets.

• Can be used for edible and non-edible plants.


• It is not very cheap, although it will last you a number of growing seasons.

• It needs to be stored in the right conditions of cool, dry and dark place. Otherwise, you will lose the product and waste your money.


I have used the exact product in my container garden at home, and have had good success. The blooms look better and are more long-lasting. I also did not need to water as much. If you check your containers regularly and water when necessary, then this water retaining gel will save in times you need to water.

This will, more importantly, will save you a heartache of losing valuable plants. This is why I would recommend Gardman water retaining gel, where you can buy it here.

If you have any questions you wish to raise or comments that you are dying to make, please do so in the comment box below.

Spend more time in your container garden enjoying it, instead of watering it.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Water Retaining Gel, a Review- Reduce your Need to Water Product”

  1. We live in a historically drought ridden region of the world. California. The weather has changed recently and we have more than our fair share of water. However, a few years ago we changed our garden to a drought resistant one. A drip system was installed. We love flowering plants and arranged pots to add some color to the garden. These need watering. The gel sounds like a neat solution. My problem has been excessive watering. Can you recommend any devices we can use to measure if the pots have adequate moisture so that we do not overdo it?

    Thanks. Edwin

    1. Hi Edwin.

      For countries in drought, water retaining gel is a must, as you can combine it with watering spikes.  To tell if you are overwatering can be judged by eye.   If water flows from the bottom of the container it has had enough water.    To tell if you a container needs water you need to use a moisture meter, which will tell you if your compost is dry, wet, or okay.  I will make my recommendation in my next review to be published very soon.

      Kind Regards


  2. It’s nice to hear that scientific improvements have entered upon this aspect of labour as well. If you think about it, it’s exactly the same amount of water that is there, just that instead of it being used up all at once, it’s used up more gradually. Whatever, as long as it works.

    The implications of a product like this seem interesting not only on a small scale, but also with regards to nations who face drought during certain portions of the year. Should make things alot more manageable.

    1. Hi Faheem

      For small scale use in containers, it will save you a lot of watering but it would be too expensive for large scale farmers.  They will still have to use irrigation techniques, as it will be much quicker.  

      Thank you for your kind remarks.


  3. This is a very cool product. My mother is into gardening so I will forward her this post. A product can benefit someone who may not be able to do regular checks on their flowers for whatever the reason to still ensure that the plants get the water they need. You mentioned your blossoms are looking healthy and that is a great benefit alone. 

    1. Hi Lee

      Give your mother my regards and I hope she gets the benefits of this review.

      Kind Regards


  4. Hallo there Antonio, 

    Someone who knows I’m into agriculture recommended the Gardman water gel tub to me a few days ago and I decided I should check into it based on how he praised it.

    He told me it was possible to save me 4 times the effort I spend watering the plants and would still keep the health levels of the plants at an all time high.

    I didn’t believe it at first but now after reading your post I can understand how everything works out. To be honest, this will be a real life saver for me.

    I can’t thank you enough for this detailed review. 


    1. Hi Dave

      Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your product.

      Kind Regards


  5. This is such a great innovation for my container garden. Putting all that effort in starting and maintaining a container garden is not easy, and then to see it wither away.

    I think the small quantity I can use is also very economical especially when you have several garden containers.The fact that it reduces watering up to four times is really a big thing. Just wondering if something like this could be done on a larger scale so that it covers the entire natural garden.

    Thank you for this recommendation.

    1. Hi Carol

      Thank you for those grateful comments.  Water retaining gel is a godsend for the container garden, where it can be mixed with the compost.  For the whole garden, it is not recommended as it will be too expensive, and gardens generally have more water reserves.

      Kind regards 


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