Watering Spikes- 5 of the Best Reviewed

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As said in previous posts watering of plants is extremely crucial in its survival, especially if the soil or compost is dry for long periods. Some plants like succulents can go without water for a long time, as they store water in their leaves.

Cactus can go months without water, but other plants do not seem to survive if the compost dries and the plant wilts. Once the plant wilts and it is not watered soon after, within a couple of days, the plant will die.

We all have busy lives, and gardeners are no different from anybody else. Gardeners also have to go on holiday, business trips or see members of the family. But what do you do during the spring and summer times, where traditionally gardeners are the busiest.

What to do if neighbours are not available

If you go away than normally you would ask your neighbours, family or friends to water your container garden outside, and houseplants (always in containers) inside.

This can be very time consuming especially if you have plenty of containers to be looked after. The neighbour may forget to water, and then to compensate overwater at irregular intervals. Remember watering too much is just as bad as under watering. This confuses people as over and under watering causes the plant to wilt, and people often associate wilting with a lack of water.

Some gardeners may not trust their neighbours with their precious plants, or they may live alone and nobody is available to help them to do this task. A solution exists to address this problem, and this is a watering spike, a device which is directly placed in the container. This will allow you to be confident that your plants will be watered, either though nobody is there. It must be recalled that plants in containers need to be watered more frequently than those planted directly in the ground.

In this article, 5 of the best watering spikes will be reviewed, and given a score not only based on my opinion but on the opinion of others.

What I will be looking at:

  • Ease of use.
  • Durability.
  • Cost.
  • Novelty-how much the device defers from other devices.

The rank is not in any particular order so that the top does not necessarily represent the best product

Green King 24 Deep Drip Watering Stake

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Dimensions of spike: 4.1 x4.1 x6.22 cm

Shipping Weight: 1.75kg

My Score: 7/10

This is an innovative watering spike that is useful for watering shrubs, trees and perennials. It comes with 3 stakes, each having a different purpose. It is made out of durable ABS plastic with multiple holes at the bottom of the spike (see picture for more clarity). The holes are covered by a mesh that prevents from compost entering the system, whilst water flow out is unhindered. This will protect the system from blocking.

The top is reinforced so that it can be hammered into the container, and also to stop compost from entering the system and cause a blockage.

They claim that this enables the roots to be water directly, and therefore reducing the likelihood of disease caused by wet leaves. The device also reduces the amount of water wasted, as you directly water where it is required.

Sizes of the stakes

The 14-inch stake is for small trees and shrubs with shallow roots, such as roses and most plants in containers. It is ideal for newly planted shrubs and trees,

The 24-inch stake is for averaged sized trees and shrubs, where the plant has a more developed root system but not quite matured.

The 36-inch stake is designed for mature trees.

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Reasonable priced
  • Water at the root quickly
  • Could be difficult to put in the ground it the compost is overly dry.
  • Even watering could be difficult.
  • Someone needs to be there to do the watering.

Serguyy Plant Watering Terracotta Plant Watering Spike

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Dimensions of spike: Unknown

Shipping Weight: Unknown

My Score: 7.5/10

These devices are for people who tend to forget to water or those who are on vacation. All you need to do is fill a wine, spirit or soda bottle with water, and then insert it into the terracotta spike. The whole device is then placed in the container.

Watering is dependent on how wet the compost is, so that you can never over water.

  • Install and forget (unless you forget to add the bottle to the spike).
  • Easy to use.
  • Never under or over water.
  • Environmentally friendly as wine bottles can be used.
  • Good for first-time buyers.
  • The spikes are short, so may not go right to the roots.
  • Terracotta is brittle and therefore easy to break. The seller will replace if this happens.

Nutley’s Long Aqua Balance Bottle Top Watering Spike

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Dimensions of spike: 25 x5x 5 cm

Shipping Weight: 9.07g + parcel.

My Score: 8/10

This is a double award winner watering spike. This is due to the adjustable aqua balance dripper, with a specially designed spike. This will ensure that the plants in containers receive exactly the right amount of water.

The water reservoir is claimed to give enough water for 5 weeks. It detects temperature fluctuations, so when it is warmer the flow rate increases. In a heatwave, the watering spike will last 2 weeks, so may not last as long as expected, if you take a long vacation. It will fit most old plastic bottles, including 2 litres ones. Longer spikes exist for taller containers.

  • Can water plants up to 5 weeks.
  • Flow rate adjustable according to temperature
  • Install and forget
  • Environmentally friendly, as old plastic bottles will be reused,
  • Longer spikes exist.
  • Not easy to use.

Fayre Fairy Plant Watering Bird Shape Automatic Watering Spike

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Dimensions of spike: 7 x16.6x 6 cm

Shipping Weight: 141g

My Score: 7/10

The device comes in a novel design of birds, made out of plastic resin and a spike made out of pottery. The transparency of the bird allows you to see how quickly the watering level goes down. It is claimed to be accurate as the ceramic tip can diffuse water when the compost is dry. The water will slowly drip in, preventing excessive leaking or overwatering. Plant feed can also be added to the watering spike. As the device is small it can be used for houseplants, patio plants, and hanging baskets.

  • More durable
  • Small size so can be placed into houseplants and hanging baskets.
  • Does not over and underwater
  • Allow feed to be introduced.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Look attractive.
  • The tip is made out of ceramic and so can be broken.
  • The small size makes long holidays impossible.

Demarkt Indoor Automatic Watering System

Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Dimensions of spike: 1 x1x 1 cm

Shipping Weight: 81.6g

My Score: 6/10

This is a real automatic device for watering plants. You need to place one side in a bowl of water and the other part of the device inside the container via a ceramic spike tip housed in plastic. To water keep topping up the bowl when it runs low.

To operate it:

  1. You first need to soak the ceramic tip in water for 10 minutes
  2. Fill a bowl of water and make sure that the tubing is well immersed in the bowl
  3. Place the ceramic tip and housing into the container, make sure that the tip is wet.
  4. Once the device is set up it will automatically draw water from the bowl to the container. You have to make sure that the plastic housing lid is tight and full of water. Otherwise, it will not work.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Will not over or under water.
  • If the bowl used is larger enough, can water for long periods of time.
  • A feed can be introduced.
  • Not one of the cheapest
  • More for indoor plants than outdoor.
  • Not good for large containers.
  • The ceramic tip can be easily broken.


In this review, 5 watering spike devices have been reviewed, all having advantages and disadvantages. It is pretty close for which is the best, but I would say that the Nutley’s long aqua balance bottle top watering spike looks very promising, but all 5 devices have potential.

If you have any questions or comments about this review, please leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Watering Spikes- 5 of the Best Reviewed”

  1. Hi Antonio
    Thanks for your interesting review. I used to have a lot of plants in my old apartment and every time I went on holidays they suffered greatly. I didn’t have a neighbour to water them and watering spikes weren’t available back then. I’ve been thinking about getting some plants again to brighten up my home. If I do I’ll keep these watering spikes in mind.

    1. Thanks Steve

      Watering spikes are great for those who forget or really don’t have time to water, as all you need is a watering spike and a soda bottle! Great for the environment too!

      Thank you for your kind comments


  2. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post! A friend gave me several large pots a couple of years ago and I placed them in the lower area of my yard and filled them with flowers. I loved having them but watering was a pain. This year, I have been moving everything closer to the house where at least I can reach them with a hose. Even so, I wasn’t sure what I would do when traveling. I think the Nutley’s Long Aqua Balance Bottle Top Watering Spike should work well for me, especially because it’s good for up to 5 weeks and I can install and forget. I like that they are environmentally friendly, too. Old plastic bottles are easy enough to find. Thanks for creating this article!

    1. Hi Theresa

      Thank you for your kind words and yes of all the watering spikes reviewed the Nutley’s look the best, as it has all the features that the container gardener would really appreciate. The added benefit that it can be ignored for 5 weeks is a big positive. You can see that watering spikes have a lot to offer the busy gardener.


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