Micro-Drip Irrigation System, a Review- (A Splash or a Wet Drip?)

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Product: Nasum Micro-Drip Irrigation Kit

The Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10cm

Shipping Weight: 1.4kg

My score: 8/10

In this review, a micro-drip irrigation system will be reviewed.

You are probably aware that watering many container plants can be very time consuming and hard work. You can use an expandable hose, which is great when somebody is there and using it.

Hoses are not for everybody as some people have physical disabilities which prevent them from using this piece of equipment. You may be very busy and you do not have time to water the garden, and you do not what your beloved plants to suffer, wither and die.

Water irrigation
Water irrigation can be important

Watering let’s face it is a boring job, which has to be done constantly in hot, dry summers. You wish there is something else that can be done, freeing your time to do something that you will enjoy. Instead of watering your container plants.

Some gardeners like to take a break in summer, so what do you do if you cannot find someone to water your plants. This can be problematic as you do not want your precious plants to die.

You can use watering spike as reviewed here but this can become expensive if you have a lot of container plants, especially so in a greenhouse, where watering can become a twice-daily chore. Watering spikes can quickly run out of water under those conditions, so what are you to do under these circumstances.

This is where irrigation systems come into play.


Water irrigation is a watering technique, where plants have a constant supply of water through pipes into drippers and sprinklers. This is very important as the plant gets water when they require it, so you water when the plants need it and turn off when it is not required. Thus making it ideal when you are too busy to water, you are forgetful or you are on your annual holiday.

It is an easy and convenient way to get your greenhouse, patio and container plants watered and therefore keeping then healthy. If plants get the right moisture at the right time it will make them produce more blooms and have healthier green leaves.

The irrigation kit consists of sprinklers and drippers that can water your pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, and especially useful for plants in the greenhouse. All you need to do is connect the irrigation system to an outside tap.

The beauty of the system is that you can suit your plants’ unique water requirements. The system is therefore adaptable as you can change the system depending on your needs and growing area.

It will apply water at low application rates, which will lead to less surface evaporation from both the leaves and the compost. As I said the design is not fixed and you can customize and expand your system, as all the parts you will need are supplied in the kit, thus saving money as you do not necessarily need to buy new parts.

Saying that if it is not present in the irrigation system then you can buy additional tubing drippers, nozzles, and fittings, which can be added to your system at any time.


The most important part of the kit is the misting nozzles and the water drippers.

The orange misting nozzle is ideal for watering lawns, watering plants in the greenhouse, to provide humidity or to cool down or to act as a sprinkler. It is especially suitable for watering plants in high places. The flow rate can be altered to give a mist or a water column which is ideal to soak plants.

Micro-water drippers that have 8 spray holes, where the flow rate can be adjusted to give good local watering with the vicinity of the plant. The advantage of using a micro-water dripper is that it will irrigate uniformly, even taking into account any pressure fluctuations.

The irrigation tube also comes with support stakes, allowing the tube to be lifted from the ground, especially good with the orange misting nozzles.


2 x 20m 4/7” PVC tube

20 x orange misting nozzle

2 x threaded tap connector (1/2″ or ¾”)

2 x ¼” tubing quick connector

1 x universal tap connector

20 x ¼”tube holding stakes

20 x ¼” barbed tee

20 x ¼” flat tee pipe connector

20 x ¼” single barbed coupling

20 x ¼” barbed couplings

20 x micro-water dripper

1 x two way connectors

20 x ¼” single end closure

20x cable ties

1 hole punch

1 x Teflon tape

1 x user manual.

It is advised to use the tap threaded connector where possible, otherwise, the PVC tubes may slip and come off if the water pressure is too high.

To avoid too much pressure drop in the tubing, it is better to connect multiple tubes at the same time connected to one tap. Each tube can be connected to a certain number of drippers, which in turn is dependent on the water pressure and flow rate of the tap water. This system is therefore versatile for all of your container needs.


Easy to install using DIY techniques. The drip will have everything that you will ever need. The PVC housing can also be cut to size. No digging or plumping skills is required, as all you need to do is insert the barbed fittings and drippers to a tap to get irrigation to your plants.

Saves you time and money. It can be used directly from the tap, and as the irrigation is automatic, which they claim can save up to 70% of unnecessary watering. This is because a lot of watering is unnecessary as people water longer than that need to.

The product has a large number of applications. It can be used in flower pots, window boxes, hanging baskets, or other containers. The irrigation system can be used in homes, hotels, clubs, patios, greenhouses, lawns and any other area where plants need to be watered.

It is reasonably priced and easy to find replacements for broken or missing parts.


The tube is not easy to fit to outside taps. It is recommended that you place the end of the tubing in 40 to 60 degree Celsius hot water for 10 seconds to make assembling easier. This is because the heat will cause the tube to expand which will contract once it has cooled down, making an airtight seal.

Not recommended for non-pressurized water systems, as this will not give a sufficient water flow rate for your gardening needs. It is therefore not recommended to use directly with water butts unless a water butt pump is used.

Although the pipe and fittings are durable, incorrect usage can damage the system causing leaks to develop. Be careful when making holes as this cause irreversible damage the tube.


Throughout my professional career, I have used irrigation systems, which are ideal when you cannot be there, especially in the summer months. For inexperienced people, they can be fiddly to get right. This can be overcome with experience, practice and more importantly patience you will be constructing your own irrigation system in no time.

You need to make sure that 20m is long enough for your needs. If not, do not worry as via connectors you can make a much long system. The system is so adaptable and you can meet your own specific needs.

If you are interested in buying this irrigation system the buy it here.

If you have any questions that you need to raise or any comments that you wish to make, please do so in the usual place.

Save water and save your poor back.



14 thoughts on “Micro-Drip Irrigation System, a Review- (A Splash or a Wet Drip?)”

  1. Well Antonio, many thanks for this very instructive article. I happen to live in a condo with a garden and we currently have no gardener taking care of it. 

    You have convinced me to buy an irrigation system. Plus, I find hose too heavy and easily manipulable. Thanks a lot. Take care. Purdey

  2. Hi Antonio, this sounds like a good solution for me because I sometimes forget to water my garden, or I get caught out by a sudden heatwave when I have gone away for a few days (to enjoy the sunshine of course!) and come back to some very desperate plants!  I understand you say the system is a little tricky to put together but I quite like a challenge and my partner is good with technical and fiddly things too.  My only caution is that you say it requires pressurised water.  Being a bit of an eco-warrior myself, I would love to use a system like this with my water butts.  Do you know of a suitable pump you can recommend or do you think this could all prove too fiddly?  If I was to connect to the outside mains tap, would the system use an awful lot of water and does it shut off automatically when the optimum amount has been used?

    1. Hi Ally
      To answer your questions. Yes you can use a water butt pump and the best one I would recommend can be found here. You do not need to worry about excessive water consumption, as the water only drips out and so you will not be using litres of water. You can put the system on a timer on a timer, where it can switch on or off, no matter if you are there or not.

      Thank you for taking an interest


  3. Hello there!
    Very glad to know about your Micro-Drip Irrigation System. Most of us have the hobby of gardening or making of flower garden that blooms our yards. Watering is the most important thing to keep the plants healthy. So your system will be very helpful I think. How you reviewed the system was amazing. I liked most about your system that it waters the plants when they need water and stops automatically when the requirement is fulfilled. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Snigdha

      The beauty of irrigation system is that you can use timers with them and that is when they truly become automated. The system is very adaptable and great for container gardening.

      Thank you


  4. Hey there nice review, I never knew there was so much to micro drip irrigation systems. You are right, watering hoses aren’t for everyone. I consider myself, I can be busy, and it can be tough to get to watering the plants. I am interested in checking out a water irrigation system such as the micro drip irrigation you mentioned here. Is it a one size fits all type of ordeal? Or do I have to look for a custom sizes? Thanks for your consideration. My back thanks you in advance.

    1. Hi Eddie

      The beauty of these system is that it is adaptable, so you can make it as long as need. This is a kit form and the kit can be made in numerous ways, from hanging baskets to containers. Whatever the layout of the garden the irrigation system can be used. It is a set up and forget method.

      Thank you


  5. I actually love spending time watering my plants… I find it very soothing! However, my garden is pretty huge and it takes a lot of time to water every single one of my plants.

    I definitely need a water irrigation system to untie my hands so I can focus on other important gardening tasks.

    Thankfully, I am pretty masterful with my hands so I believe that I won’t have any problem putting this Micro Flow Drip Watering Irrigation System together myself.

    Thanks a lot for the info!

    1. Hi Harry

      To be truthful using watering cans  can be a good for those who want a gym session This is not for everyone but for many this is not practical and this is where the drip irrigation system come in. 

      Thank you for those kind words.


  6. Thanks for this fantastic idea! This is exactly what I need. I recently got a couple expandable hoses which has made watering sooo much easier since I no longer have to drag around a heavy hose over large areas of space. 

    I have one area in the front of our property near the roadside where I have created a very nice plant and flower display however, it is quite far from the house and can be a hassle to water just one little area so far down the drive. It sounds like an irrigation system such as this would be perfect for this area! 

    Thanks again for another great idea. This system is going to save me loads of time!

    1. Hi Shannon 

      It is always a pleasure to help people’s life in the garden easy and I am glad you found this system to be useful.

      Kind regards


  7. Hello there!
    Very glad to know about your Micro-Drip Irrigation System. Now my garden full of flower plants will be so blooming. Watering is the most important thing to keep the plants healthy. And you have reviewed the system so nicely. This iis amazing that your system waters the plants when they need and stops automatically when actually do not need. Hope you to share more amazing kits like this system.

    1. Hi akborm

      Thank you for those kind words and I will be reviewing further watering devices in the container gardening. 

      Kind Regards


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