Expandable Hosepipe, a Review- Does it Live Up to the Hype?

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Product: Ansio Expandable Garden Hose

The Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Product Dimensions: 32.2 x 22.5 x 12.66 cm

Shipping Weight: 2.26kg

Hose Length: 30m when fully expanded

My Score: 9/10

Anybody who has a container garden, especially with a lot of containers will know how long and laborious watering can be. As container gardens tend to dry more quickly than normal gardens, especially in summer, where it can become a daily task. You can do this by using a watering can but if you have many pots to water, this can be very daunting.

Garden Hose
Why you should not use a garden hose

You first need multiple watering cans, filling one whilst watering with the other. If you are using only one can you can spend hours watering. Even with two watering cans, this will still take a lot of time. The biggest problem is that you have to go frequently to the tap and wait for it to fill up with water. Imagine doing this 20-30 times every day.

If only there was a better way of watering all those container plants in an easier way, where the backbreaking work is reduced and time is saved? The answer is yes with a garden hose. Not any old hose but a more modern product.


We are all familiar with traditional hoses, made out of rubber and weighing a ton, especially when it is full of water. You often battle with the hose as you have to drag it along the ground where it does not want to move. This can be very frustrating. You also get kinks or knot inside the hose and no water comes out of it, so you have to spend time looking for it and then correcting the problem.

The hose themselves can also spring leaks, especially if it has been left outside all winter and been exposed to the elements. This is because the product degrades over time.

This is where the expandable hose come into their own, as all these problems are addressed. It is lighter, shorter, still works if it has kinks or knots in it, and will not degrade over time. What is not to like.

All hoses have extra benefits which watering cans cannot do, as you can use them to wash your cars, vans and other vehicles. This is not all as it can be used to clean out-side structures like greenhouses, summer houses, and other outer buildings. Hoses can also be used to clean decking outdoor furniture, patios and outside windows. There are multipurpose and have so many uses.


The expandable garden hose is similar to normal hoses but can expand up to 3 times its original length, so making transport around the garden easier to do, especially as it only weighs less than 3 kg.

It is easy to use as it is manufactured using polyester webbing and unusually for an expandable hose it has brass end ducting (No plastic) to avoid pipe bursting.

The hose is strong, kink-free and durable, as it has an inner tube made out of a triple-layer of natural latex over the inner tube and a durable outer layer. The outer later as said previously is made out of polyester webbing, making it difficult to break, as bursting is vastly reduced. It is also able to withstand high water pressures.

The hose will fit most standard outside taps and will not need any adaptors to be used. This is especially true if you use a brass garden hose tap connector (3/4” link)


The product also comes with 9 settings spray gun that has an anti-slip grip. It has an on/off valve and settings that let you choose from shower, mist, centre, cone, flat, jet, angle, and soaker. The spray gun also has the added advantage that it has a locking mechanism build it to it, altering to a continuous watering supple as you preferred setting.

This allows you to water your garden, wash vehicles, wash windows, etc.

It is easy to use and more importantly easy to store. As said previously it is kink and tangle-free, and it expands to 3 times its original length when filling with water, but retracts back to its original length after use when all water is drained from the hose. The empty hose can then be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight such as a shed, garage or outside in a protected shaded area.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to store.
  • No kinks or tangling.
  • Reasonable priced.
  • Quick to fill and quick to drain.
  • Has multiple uses.


  • If it is not filled by the correct method, it can cause the hose to burst. It happened to my next door neighbour.
  • Remember the hose expands so if you are looking for a hose in a small garden, do not buy a large hose as it will be too hard to direct the hose, as it will get caught.
  • It can lose pressure when watering at a far distance from the tap or when it is at maximum flowrate. This can be easily solved by closing the valve near the spray gun. Allowing the hose to be re-pressurized.


I have used an expandable hosepipe for a number of years. In fact, I started using one when they first came out. I do not regret my decision as the hose has saved me numerous watering can trips. I have never had any problems with it, as it is lightweight and easy to transport, makes it easy to use.

Old hoses where a nightmare to use, where it was difficult to move around. It was also difficult to put the hose back onto its reel. Not so, with an expandable hose. I highly recommend them. If you are interested in buying this hose you can buy it here.

If you have a question that is on your mind or a comment that you wish to make, please drop them in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.


14 thoughts on “Expandable Hosepipe, a Review- Does it Live Up to the Hype?”

  1. Thank you for another excellent idea! My gardens are not the only areas where an expandable hose would make my life so much easier. Currently I have two areas where multiple hoses are connected together just to be able to reach some of the furthest areas that need water. They are heavy and tedious and a constant pain and I use them quite frequently, sometimes daily, 3 seasons out of the year.

    I had forgotten about expandable hoses but I am so happy you brought them to my attention again! The ones I have previously seen did not have a built in sprayer with various settings – I love that about this hose. Does this hose also come in various lengths? If for some reason I need a longer length than is offered, are these hoses able to be hooked together like a regular hose can be? Thanks so much for your tips and assistance!

    1. Hi Shannon

      Thank you for those kind words. Yes, old traditional hoses are so cumbersome to use. Yes the hoses come in different lengths from 50ft, 75ft and 100ft, so will cover most gardens. The hoses can be connected together via a special connector. If it can be done with a regular hose then it can be done with the expandable hose.

      Once again thanks


  2. Great post here, I have heard a couple of times about this expandable hose but not really given them a try. I feel like I was going to be paying much because I was told when it first came out. Seeing the price now, it looks relatively low. I think I’d buy it, the pros are more than the cons so yes, I love go for this one and give my garden a new pipe, thanks for reviewing this.

    1. Thank you Jackson

      It is my pleasure to be a service and you found the review to be useful. The hose will save so much time and effort, a real life saver.


  3. Thanks for this amazing review many out there wouldn’t know the importance until they put it to use, I’ve used this a couple of times now to water the grass, back and front. Reached easily around the side of the house to the back. It does leak a little bit at the top near the tap but not a lot. Like the different settings on it and overall a decent hose that is very affordable. would be a great choice for those of us who loves gardening.

    1. Hi Seun

      Thank for your user feedback concerning the hose, as you cannot beat personal experience. The leaking from the tap can be prevented by using PTFE tape on the tap threading, as this will reduce the leaking.

      Thanks for your input.


  4. I have an expandable hosepipe and it works wonders to water my garden, as it is long enough to reach from the tap to my garden. 

    This is something every gardener should have, this way it’s much easier to water your plants and turn the hosepipe off at the handle, instead of going all the way to the tap.

    I definitely recommend fellow gardeners to purchase this.

    Thank you for your review and all the best.

    1. Thank you Aabidah

      You have hit the nail on the head as that is why this review was written. I wrote it to give my honest opinion on it as it had benefited my garden a lot. I am all about taking the risk out of gardening.



  5. This review is spot on for me. Seriously, there has been this recent hype going on around in my neighbourhood concerning the use of expandable hosepipe. I just decided to research more on them before making my buying decision. Well, it seem pretty convincing to me but the problem I have is the fact that my garden is a little farther from my apartment and I don’t want to run the risk of wasting my money if the hose gets busted. However,  considering the other uses for it, I think I might just stick to buying it and trying it out.

    1. Hi RoDarrick

      The hose will not burst as long as you look after it, do not over pressurise it. It is in fact quite difficult to burst the hose but I will never say never, as you cannot be sure. If you practice caution then all frets will be vastly reduced. Buy it and you will not regret it.



  6. Hello; Expandable Hosepipe, a very helpful write up. I have been seeing the hosepipe in the picture about in my area for years, but never knew anything about its quality.

    I continue to buy and use the plastic hose which is sometimes much time consuming and easily crystalized when left in the sun. Is the Expandable Hosepipe comes in some shorter length?


    1. Hi Dorcas

      Expandable hoses are so useful in watering that you wondered why you used the old fashioned kind. Yes the hose comes in 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. Ideal for small and large gardens.



  7. My grand mother’s house located in rural area with a big wide garden containing variety of beautiful flowers.

    when I head over toward her house to meet hear and pay respect for what she has given to me in over the years, I always purchase some gift for her. Today I was browsing around and I thought to myself, it would be a good Idea to buy Expandable Hosepipe to make her life easier. Yeah, she deserves having much better quality products.

    Last time she was busy in watering flowers with an old hosepipe.
    I might be put this house pipe into consider. As according to your explanations: “It has an on/off valve and settling that let you choose from shower, mist, center, cone, flat, jet, angle, and soaker”.
    Over all I think this product fits my choice. Thanks for Your well-written review.

    1. Hi Shirian

      The old hoses are so time-consuming and heavy that old people will struggle, and I am certain that your grandmother would appreciate an expandable hose as a gift. 

      Thank you


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