Easy Fill Hanging Basket- Why Use Plastic Instead of Wire

wire hanging basket
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Product Name: Easy Fill Hanging Basket

The Cheapest Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Size of Hanging Basket: 35 cm in diameter and can hold up to 12 litres of compost

Shipping weight: 2.3kg

My score: 9/10


When it comes to summer there is nothing like a hanging basket full of flowers, suspended by a chain from a bracket near a person’s home. These features are so often breathtakingly beautiful.

Traditionally a wire hanging basket is used, which requires a lining to be put down, then sphagnum moss added to make a waterproof seal so that compost can be added. The sphagnum moss also acts as a water reservoir preventing the hanging basket from drying out.

A hanging basket
A traditional  wire hanging basket

The problem with these hanging baskets is that they are so fiddly to place plants into the side of the basket. This requires so much trial and error to get it just right. This job is often messy, as when you cut holes in the lining the compost can fall out going everywhere. If only there was a better way of doing this?


The answer to the question is yes, with the easy fill hanging basket, where the guesswork has been taking out when planting annuals in these baskets.

Each basket is generous in size (35cm in diameter but smaller baskets can be bought) and can hold up to 12 litres of multipurpose or tub and hanging basket compost. It allows the plants inside to develop a good solid root structure and to ensure that there is limited competition between the plants each time. In order to get the maximum benefit of moisture retention that it is advised to mix the compost with water retaining crystals, so less frequent watering is required.

                                                   Easy Fill Hanging Basket


The lattice gates holes at the side of the hanging basket takes out the guessing of where to plant. This allows decent sized plug plants to be planted from the outside in, so as not to crush the roots or damage the leaves.

All you need to do is pass the plug plants through the hole in the side and then slide one lattice gate down to gentle lock the plant in position. Each easy fill hanging basket can hold up to 18 plants; 12 at the side and 6 at the top, so you can have an impressive display in summer of beautiful flowers.

The gates are latticed as this allows the roots to ‘breathe’, which will not only promote a healthy root system but will have the added benefit of producing larger, healthier plants.

                                               Lattice Gate Replacements

These hanging baskets are not only for flowers, but can also be used to grow strawberries, tumbling tomatoes, or how about some basil and parsley. The hanging basket is not only for summer, but can also be used for spring, autumn and winter displays. The hanging basket can be used throughout the year, adding a point of interest as the seasons change.


The benefit on offer are as follows:

  • There is no root damage.
  • Damaged stems or leaves become a thing of the past.
  • No liner required.
  •  You will find that there is no more mess.
  • Integrated reservoirs at the base of the basket, to allow water to be held. This is useful in hot, dry summers.
  • Reusable year after year.
  • It can be used as a permanent or semi-permanent fixture.

The hanging baskets are manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic. It also comes with a galvanized steel chain for rust protection. The chain comes with 4 anchor points with ‘T’ bar attachments for ease of securing the chains to the basket. This will prevent the hanging basket from turning and twisting in the wind.

This is one well thought out hanging basket.


As with any good products, there are disadvantages, which need to be considered before purchasing the item.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • It is made out of plastic, so will not like being dropped from a great height.  This is, of course, unless you want it to end up in pieces.
  • The lattice gates can be broken if you press them in too hard. This can be solved as replacements can be bought here.


If you are looking for a hanging basket that has many advantages than disadvantages, then I would recommend the easy fill hanging basket. The hanging basket, which can be used not to only grow flowers, but can be used to grow strawberries, tomatoes, and herbs. The easy fill hanging basket is a basket for all seasons. If you are interested in purchasing an easy fill hanging basket, then the can be bought from Amazon UK.

If you have any questions or comments about this review, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.


10 thoughts on “Easy Fill Hanging Basket- Why Use Plastic Instead of Wire”

  1. Seems like I’ve found a great multipurpose hanging basket for my favorite herbs and flowers.
    Since I have always wanted to own a small garden for herbs and fruits like parsley, basil, tomatoes etc. and did not know how to go about it because there’s no space for such where I leave.
    Now it seems possible with the use of the Easy Fill Hanging Basket! Will love to try it out.

    1. Thank you Tohin

      Gardening is for everybody, those with a large piece of land and those with just a small space. I am glad my suggestion will help you where you live. Happy gardening


  2. This looks like a great product but I’m having a hard time understanding how you can get 18 plants in one planter? Maybe I misunderstood, could you possibly add a video showing how it works?

    1. Hi Amanda

      At the present moment, I cannot do a video, But I will look into it in the near future. The concept is quite straight forward, at the side of the hanging basket you have 12 pre-constructed holes, one hole for each plant. Through each hole, you put a plant through from the outside to inside, and then lock using one of the lattice gates, so outside the hanging basket will have 12 plants. You will still have room for 6 plants at the top of the hanging baskets, which are planted in the normal way.

      Hope that helps


  3. This looks like a great idea for my hanging baskets. I have several that I bring in during the colder months and they sit in a bath tub until the weather warms. Having the movable lattice pieces will make putting plants in easy.
    Will this planter require more or less water in the warmer months with the bowl in the bottom.

    1. Hi John

      It is always a good idea to show people new things and these easy fill hanging baskets slow quite a few problems. I appreciate the kind comments and look forward to your continuing support.


  4. I used to purchase flowers in pots ready for hanging but we have a new source in the area for plants so last year I bought some of those mossy ones you mentioned. They didn’t come with instructions and I probably didn’t do it right, but my plants didn’t do well. I like these easy-fill-hanging baskets and appreciate that they won’t need to be watered so much. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Theresa

      These hanging baskets are all in favour at the moment, as they have a multitude of advantages compared to the traditional hanging basket.

      Thank you for commenting


  5. Hi Antonio

    I read this post just at the right time. I don’t have a very green hand. I bought a Basil plant today and was thinking, how can I keep it going instead of just using the leaves until there’s nothing left. Well, this sounds like a great way of doing it. Thanks for your info.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Noah

      With gardening, there is no such thing as failure but trial runs. With each trial, you get better and better. The hanging basket is designed with the beginner in mind and is not too expensive.

      With basil, do not harvest leaves too much, give it a chance to recover, and feed it once a week with a dilute liquid fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.
      Thank you for your comments


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