Strawberry Barrel- A Product Review

Strawberry soft fruit containers
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Product: Strawberry barrel

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Size of Container: 58.8cm x45.8cmx11.2cm

Capacity: 80 litres of compost.

Shipping Weight: 2.05kg

My score: 7/10

Just imagine, it is late June, early July, Wimbledon is on the television, and you are enjoying a bowl full of homegrown strawberries and cream. Traditionally strawberries have been grown in large strawberry beds where vast arrays of plants are used to produce a bumper crop. This takes a lot of room, a lot of planting, a lot of feeding and a lot of watering.

Strawberry soft fruit containers
Strawberries are easy to grow in containers

Is there a way to have a number of plants producing the same crop, but occupying a smaller area, which requires less growing media and feed? The answer to this is yes with the strawberry barrel.


With the strawberry planter, you are able to grow your own strawberry plants from a small area in your garden, or a patio, or a balcony. All you need is a few hundred square centimetres.

It is made with moulded plastic with polycarbonate walls that has a terracotta effect. It is very sturdy and can last many seasons, where it is exposed to wind, hail, rain, snow, or frost.

The planter can support 32 plants, 28 plants in the side and 4 plants on the top. Each planting pocket is situated at the optimal planting distance, which allows the plants to grow freely and without hindrance from the neighbouring strawberry plants.

As it is made out of plastic it is lightweight to transport around the garden, but if it is full of compost and water then the weight would make it impossible to transport to the new desired position. It is better to place the barrel in its final position before filling it with compost and planting the strawberry plants.


It is claimed to be easy to ensemble but some reviews on the Amazon site ha casts doubt on this. As I personally own one, I can vouch that it takes some effort to assemble, but with some perseverance and effort, it can be done. Once assembled with the metal support and full of compost the planter is sturdy.

The pocket wall cups can be difficult to attach to the barrel, and I would recommend that they are glued on before filling with compost. This is because it will prevent the pocket wall cups from constantly falling out. This has been learned from bitter experience.

The planter has a tube with holes along its length positioned at the central axis, to allow the ease of watering the barrel. This will allow the compost to be watered well, without the fear of it drying out, as this could be difficult to achieve if the tube was not present.

The barrel also comes with an attachment pole in which netting can be used to protect the fruit. Strawberries are one of the birds’ favourite food.


I have tried to grow strawberries in this planter without much success (from bare root bought plants), as it is difficult for the strawberry plants to establish. The plants died and I tried to replace them with pot bought strawberry plants and still did not succeed

This was because it was difficult to water the whole container. If you try, you may have more success than I did.

If you are planting bare-rooted strawberry plants in autumn, then it is better to put the strawberry plant through one of the pockets, and then add the compost.

It would be a futile endeavour if you did not do this. It is best to fill the planter with the recommended compost/vermiculite mix as demonstrated in the planter’s instructions. You may get better results if water retaining gels or crystals are used. After 3 years it is probably better to replace the compost inside the barrel as new plants need to be used, as strawberry plants become less productive as it ages (especially true after 3 years).


Advantages include:

  • Easy to move when vacant.
  • Lots of plants for very little occupied surface area. 32 plants can be planted in a vertical configuration.
  • Includes a net that will protect from the crop being eaten by birds.
  • Durable. I have had mine for 4 seasons and it still has no damage associated with it.
  • Look attractive, but the terracotta colouration fades with sun exposure.


Disadvantages include:

  • It takes a lot of compost to fill, so can be expensive if you are using a more specialized compost.
  • Once filled with compost it cannot be moved.
  • In my experience strawberries do not do well in them. Bedding plants instead do very well and I would recommend that it is used for that instead.
  • It is pricey for its use.
    • It is claimed that no assemble instructions where given, which will make it impossible to do.


If you are looking for a planter to grow strawberries then this is not a planter for you, as it seems that strawberry plants often bought as a bare root of pot specimens, do not do well.

Does it mean that the planter is useless?

The answer is no because instead it can be used to grow bedding plants where the results often look spectacular., especially if trailing plants are used and interplanted with upright specimens. Do not think of it as a strawberry barrel but a bedding and hanging basket barrel, so extending the possible plants that can be grown in it.

strawberry barel
My strawberry Barrel full of flowers

I may be wrong but if you want to buy the planter it can be found here. I invite you to prove me wrong and grow your own strawberries in one, or if you do not succeed you can grow your summer bedding plants in one.

As ever if you have any questions or comments that you wish to make, please leave them in the comment box below.

Start dreaming about strawberry and cream.



10 thoughts on “Strawberry Barrel- A Product Review”

  1. I was getting so excited when I first started reading at the possibility of having lots of strawberries in a very small space, and was sorely disappointed to read that your strawberries didn’t grow too well in this. You make a good point about not being able to move the barrel after full too – that’s important for me here in Australia! Through the heat of our summers, I need to bring my strawberries under shade. Thanks so much for the review!

    1. Thank you Josie

      If the barrel works well it will produce in abundance, get it wrong and you will lose 32 plants.   It is a fine line between the two. People have had success with them and you may do to, so you can give it  a try.

      Kind regards


  2. Thank you for this information! I’ve had strawberries planted in my gardens before but like you said, they took up a lot of room – and they spread like crazy, taking over the place at times. I ended up getting rid of them because they were so aggressive with spreading and I wasn’t producing enough for the effort. I do miss my strawberries though, so I will try your barrel method and see if this is a solution to the issues I was having. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Shannon

      You are free to try the strawberry barrel and you may have success with it. If it is successful you will get masses of strawberries, get it wrong and you get nothing.  

      Thank you for those kind words


  3. I am a keen gardener and currently have strawberries growing in a big low circular terracotta pot, about 75 cm in diameter. I have been thinking about putting the plants into an upright container as the strawberries that are in the middle of my pot often rot because they are lying on the wet soil. This barrel seems to be a good solution and I appreciate your honesty that the barrel is not best suited for strawberries, but would be better for flowers.

    1. Hi LineCowley

      I believe in giving honesty to my reviews. As I am a Yorkshireman, we believe in calling a spade a spade. I tried grading strawberries but they died,as it was difficult to get water into the right areas, but I have used it to grow flowers with great success.

      Kind Regards


  4. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such a good product review with us. From your review i came to know about strawberry barrel and it sounds great for me . I will try this strawberry barrel for sure after .You also described about its advantages and disadvantages. This was helpful for me .As it helped  me ,it will everyone who want grow strawberry in a small town lace using strawberry barrel.Because you described so smoothly in your review .

    Thank you for sharing this product review with us .I will share this review with my friend and family.

    1. Thank you

      The strawberry barrel is  difficult to get right, but if you do you will be rewarded with a large bounty of fruit. Get it wrong and it will die. You can try and surprise me


  5. Hi Antonio,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an unique review with all the necessary information about “Strawberry Barrel- A Product Review”

    Really this is an amazing review.I like the review very much.I have learn something new from your review.I was surprised to learn that we can grow our own strawberry plants in small area like garden or balcony with the help of strawberry barrel.I wasn’t familiar with this.If I did not read this review then I would never have known about this unique system of growing strawberry.I have gained all the thorough details in this purpose.I am going to buy a strawberry barrel from amazon and give a try this at my balcony as i have learn the whole process about this.This is very easy and also this barrel is in my budget.I hope i will be able to grow some strawberry successfully at my home with this barrel and i will come back to you with the positive result.I will also share this review with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    Can i use this barrel more than one time??

    1. Thank you Mahbub

      I hope you have more success than I did but I am pleased that you are willing to give it a try. Yes as the barrel is long term you can use it for a number of years

      Kind regards


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