PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame, a Product Review

PatioGro Frame
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Product: PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame including trays and labels.

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Product Dimensions: 175 x 54 x 116 cm

Shipping Weight: 12.5kg

My score: 8/10

The problem with modern housing is that often there is no garden at all or if there is one present it cannot support directly planted in the ground. Modern backyards are often concreted or have a patio, where you have no soil to directly grow in. This can be problematic if you want to grow salads, vegetables or flowering plants, as you have no media to grow in.

You can buy a lot of containers but this will take a lot of room, so what is the alternative? You need a device that will not only look good, but will allow you to grow enough vegetables or flowers to keep any keen gardener happy, and at the same time occupy a smaller surface area. Only if this is possible?

This is not only possible but also practical if you use a PatioGro Multilevel growing frame, where you will have a full 2 square metres of growing area to grow your vegetables and plants in.


The PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame is a three-tier growing unit that combines vertical and horizontal growing in the same unit. The unit has 12 large GroTrays which have dimensions of 17cm in width, 43cm in length and 11cm in depth. This means that the volume of compost that each GroTray holds is approximately 8 litres, and therefore the whole unit will hold 96 litres of compost. Tier 1 has 2 GroTrays, whilst Tier 2 has 4 GroTrays, and Tier 3 has 6 GroTrays.

It is proven and tested technology that is ideal for growing fresh vegetables such as round carrots, radishes, and beetroot. It is also ideal for salad crops such as spinach lettuce, pak choi, and other salad leaves. Can also be used to grow herbs such as basil, parsley, and thyme. If you have no room for flowers, do not worry as with the PatioGro Frame you can grow flowers throughout the year.

You can use it in spring to grow your spring bulb and spring bedding flower display, or in summer where you can have a summer bedding plant display. You can mix what you grow so that you can have flowers in some tray and salads and vegetables in other trays. In autumn and winter, you can use the PatioGro frame to give an autumn and winter display of your favourite flowers.

You have a wide range of choices of what plants that you can use, and you can change it from season to season. This will ensure that there is a point of interest all year round, where the displays can be revitalized a number of times throughout the year.


The PatioGro Multilevel growing frame can be used in patios or open spaces near the house. All that is required is a flat level spot in a sheltered, sunny area, away from strong winds. The beauty of the PatioGro frame is that you can 12 different displays of different crops and flowers. Think of it as like having 12 different hanging baskets but on a much larger scale.

As mentioned the 12 extra deep reusable GroTrays are deep enough to allow shallow root crops to be grown or for any bedding plant, as long as it does not have a long roots system.

The trays fit compactly into the PatioGro frame and the plants will receive enough light and air to crop and flower successfully. The other big advantage is that each tray is off the ground which eliminates slug and snail damage.

The steel frame has been powdered coated dark green, so should blend in with most back gardens found in your home. Do not worry as the PatioGro frame will not stick out like a sore thumb.

The frame itself is 175cm wide, 116cm high and 54cm deep, and is very sturdy. It weighs 12.5kg before any compost, water, and plants have been added. When the PatioGro Frame is full it will be quite heavy and should be stable in strong winds.

You can turn the PatioGro Frame into a greenhouse by buying a PVC Cover or a horticulture fleece cover, which you will have to pay extra for. If you have to go away on holiday or on business you can buy an irrigation system to provide water whilst you are away.

Extra GroTrays can also be bought in case one breaks or you want to add more trays to the unit itself.


  • Can give 2 square metres of growing area over a very small (0.88 square metres) area of land use.
  • You can grow 12crops or flowers at one time in deep growing trays.
  • Offer protection from slug and snails.
  • Strong and robust powder coated frame.

    PatioGro Frame
    My own PatioGro Frame Covered with Flowers
  • You can add a PVC cover, horticultural fleece cover, or an Irrigation system to make it more efficient unit. This will cost you extra.
  • 12 T-shaped labels are also given for free, making identification of each tray easy, especially if you have sowed seeds directly on the trays.
  • Value for money.

Can be used for a number of years.


  • The compost in the GroTrays will dry quickly, especially when the plant matures. This means that frequent watering is required, especially in hot summers. Watering spikes can reduce the need for this or you can purchase the irrigation system. Adding water retaining gel should also reduce the need for watering.
  • Be careful not to knock the unit over. It is stable but can be easily pushed to the ground if you accidentally brush past it very quickly.


I have personally used a PatioGro frame for a number of years to grow salad leaves, lettuces, radishes and a number of bedding plants, where they have grown with great success. This is provided that you feed your plants regularly, water them and then shelter them from strong winds. If I have had great success with the unit, so should you, especially if you want to grow vegetables or flowers in a small area.

For less than 1 square metre of occupied area, you will get 2 square metres of growing area. So it is a win-win situation.

If you want to buy a PatioGro frame do so by clicking here.

If you have any comments that you wish to make, or any questions that you want to raise, please do so in the comment box below.

Happy PatioGro Growing.

16 thoughts on “PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame, a Product Review”

  1. This frame looks ideal and I wouldn’t mind getting one to put outside my kitchen window, as it is paved and so boring looking. I wouldn’t mind planting some fresh herbs that I can cook with, as I am sure it will be healthier and tastier to grow your own than buy from the shops.

    Why do you say the compost dries up? Is this only if the frame is in the sun a lot? Or maybe is it because of the holes in the bottom of the trays and the constant watering?

    I haven’t heard of water retaining gel, and will definitely be on the look out for some of this.

    1. Hi Michel.

      Plants in containers tend to need more watering than those in the ground and the sun and wind can dry them very quickly. Your plants will not like it, drainage is also important as plants, especially herbs do not like it  soggy at the roots. Plants do not like it too wet or too dry, this is why water retaining gel is useful and I have written a review about them Water Retaining Gel, a Review- Reduce your Need to Water Product.

      Thank you


  2. Hi Antonio

    I really enjoyed your post. Using the multilevel patio is a great idea for us living with small outdoor space. But I have a question since I started to read your post. Will the plant get enough sun? Especially those in the middle, what is the best position for them to enjoy enough sun?

    Because, I know plants also need to get some benefits from the sun.


    1. Hi Adyns

      Do not worry as the frame has been designed so that sun can reach the middle of it and if it doesn’t then you can plant shade loving plants, as lettuce does not mind growing in the shade. I have had no problems using the frame.

      Thank you


  3. Good idea and kudos to the inventor of this frame. We need one of these for our house and I like the way it maximizes space. I have this question in mind that I’d like to ask… When watering the plants that are planted in this multi-level frame, where will the water or drip? Will it drip down from the 3rd level to the 2nd and to the 1st? 

    1. Hi Gomer

      The water from the tray above will drop to the tray below, so you can actually reduce the amount of water that is required. The plants in the frame are quite easy to look after if you water right.

      Thank you for the kind words


  4. I appreciate your writing again on this topic. The Fram the design is beautiful and it is very useful. The PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame is a three-tier growing unit that combines vertical and horizontal growing in the same unit. The frame can be used in patios or open spaces near the house. It is proven and tested technology that is ideal for growing fresh vegetables such as round carrots, radishes, and beetroot, etc. It can be used for a number of years. I would like to buy this product from Amazon.

    Thanks for your practical suggestions. It’s actually doable and not complicated at all.

    1. Hi Nasrin

      Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you got a lot from my review.

      Kind Regards


  5. Thank you for this excellent idea! I am a Herbalist and I love to grow, harvest, and dry my own herbs to have on hand all year round for use in cooking or for medicinal use when needed. 

    The PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame might be exactly what I need to grow all my favorite herbs all in one place. I also have clients who wish to grow their own herbs but have very limited space. This growing stand will certainly solve this problem. 

    I will look into getting one or more of these for myself and I will refer my clients to your page when the need arises. Thanks so much for the fantastic idea!

    1. Hi Shannon.

      The PatioGro is ideally for growing herbs of any kind as long as you get the right growing mix, you can read my article on growing herbs in containersHerbs in Pots- Spice Up Your Container Garden. You can grow annuals and perennials in this. 

      Thank you for your kind words and here is to your success and your clients.



  6. These PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frames are exactly what I was looking for. We just recently moved to a new villa in Dubai, and although we gained in getting a more modern villa inside and out when it comes to design, quality of finish, and conveniences, it came at a price.

    As you mention, that price for us was losing some outdoor area. In the old villa, we had massive gardening areas in the front, side and back areas outside. We could plant and grow most of the vegetables for our cooking needs right in the yard. The new villa has a much smaller outside area and much of it is a patio. 

    This means that we no longer have the space to grow much of anything, and we have been looking for solutions over the past 6 weeks. This is what we need. We can place them directly in the unused areas of the patio and grow the same amounts of vegetables and herbs that we did in the old villa.

    I like the design of the PatioGro Multilevel Growing Frame, and we will likely use about three fo cover our needs. The footprint they take up is not large, and it will actually enhance the looks of the patio as a bonus. Home-grown vegetables taste so much better than what you get in the marketplace.

    Since you have used these with success, it also gives me added confidence that we will be able to do the same. Thanks for this timely review, you have solved a big problem for us!  

    1. Hi Dave

      Growing your own vegetables and flowers in such a small space is so precious for those who have would normally have no such  area to do so. I hope you enjoy your product.



  7. Hello Antonio. My mother likes planting flowers and vegetables a lot. We used to have fruit trees in the garden but we had to cut them because the neighbors were annoyed by them.

    Now almost all that place is cement with like 2 spots about 2m long and 1m wide. That picture you have looks like a big happy garden.

    This Patiogro Multilevel Growing Frame looks like a solid pick, especially since you used it too. I could get that for a gift since my mom doesn’t use the online world too much and won’t be able to find it anyways!

    Thanks for this refreshing review. Have a nice day.

    1. Hi George

      For gardeners with little space this device is ideal for growing veg, herbs and flowers. You can have a lot for very little growing space and media.

      Thank you and visit again 


  8. Totally true Antonio,

    I created my own Multi-Level Patio frames but they actually take up space not to mention bulky and it doesn’t look nice too and plus, snails can be a bother. I think it’s high time I get a proper one that can last for a longer time and PatioGro’s Multi-Level Growing Frame looks amazing! Out of curiosity, is there a much taller one if you happen to have, say 5 levels high maybe? 

    1. Hi Riaz

      The PatioGro frame is so versatile and will cover most container gardening needs. They do not offer 5 tiers as it would be too high and be unstable. Instead you can extend the PatioGro by adding more GroTrays, so can get more crop or flowers that way.



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