Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool, A Review (Lift More than You Bargained For)

Imagine trying to Move these heavy pots
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Name of Product: PotLifter 91kg Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 35.6 x 76 x 76 cm

Shipping Weight: 0.658

My Rating: 8.5/10

In this article, I will be reviewing the PotLifter gardening heavy lifting tool to see if it is all it is cracked up to be. In a previous article, I reviewed and discussed the wheeled garden plant pot trolley which is very useful in moving plant pots in gardens.

Imagine trying to Move these heavy pots
Imagine trying to Move these heavy pots

The biggest problem is that this device can only be used for pots that are below 75cm in height or those who weigh less than 65kg. It cannot be used for tall or heavy pots. This is because large-diameter pots may become unstable if they are moved too quickly and they can easily tip over.

What are you to do in this case?

You could spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds, and hire contractors to move the pots for you or you will have to do it yourself, as the first option will be too costly for most people.


To recap from the previous article, most people want to move pots to get better growing conditions, or you may want to move pots so that they can be placed in a sheltered position in a greenhouse or conservatory. This is carried out so frosts cannot kill tender plants.

Plant pots may need to be moved, as the plant was located in a wrong position and would look better in a different location. You may be moving house and you want to take your precious plants to the new home. All these require a heavy plant pot to be moved and unless you want a bad back it is recommended that this device is used.


As said earlier in this review, we need a device, a tool that can lift very heavy pots. It is really a two-person tool which can lift heavy pots full of multipurpose compost and plants.

It has much more uses than lifting pots, as it can be used for lifting heavy root balls (such as trees), rocks and boulders, and heavy compost bags. All you need to do to use is strap it securely around the pot or object, but it is dependent on the shape of the container itself.

For pots that are tapered the Potlifter straps (both round and square) are wrapped around the sides of the pot, can lift up and then be used to carry away the container.

For square, non-tapered containers you can place the straps on opposite corners, and then lift. This will ensure that the pot does not slip off.

For cylindrical pots that are non-tapered, you may struggle to get the Potlifter to hold unless you really secure it to the pots.

To use the straps effectively you have to ensure that the straps are probably attached to the pots at all times, otherwise, it may come crashing down on you, injuring yourself.

The device can carry up pots up to a diameter of 76cm or a circumference of 2.38m. It can be used for containers weighing up to 91kg in weight. The PotLifter only weight 650 grammes and comes with its only handy drawstring storage bag.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong and can handle square, cylindrical (tapered)l and bell-shaped containers,
  • Can lift pots up to 76cm in diameter and weighing up to 91kg.
  • Has multiple uses as it can lift much more than containers. It can be used to lift rocks, boulders, heavy tree roots balls, and compost /mulch bags.
  • Folds away and fits into a convenient storage bag.
  • No assembly required.
  • Can be used to move pots around uneven ground and stairs, where trolleys cannot be used.
  • If you are very carefully, you can actually use this tool over steps and rough, muddy surfaces, where trolleys cannot be used. This is a real bonus and will extend the range in which the tool can be used.


  • Two people are required to lift heavy pots, making it difficult to transport if you live by yourself, as you will need somebody else’s help.
  • Non-tapered cylindrical pots could be difficult to transport, as it is claimed it slips out of the strapping. This is uncertain and may need more investigation.
  • Do not carry more than you are physically able to, as improper use can result in injury.


I have used a PotLifter for a number of years and have found them to be a blessing. Two people can easily lift heavy pots for which by myself I would struggle to even lift off the ground. I personally have not found non-tapered cylindrical pots difficult to move or to lift. To do this you will need to ensure that the straps are probably secured and attached around the pot at the recommended height from the top.

I would recommend that PotLifter to those who want to move pots around the garden, in or out of conservatories or greenhouses, or those who are prepared to move house and want to take their precious plants with them.

If you want to buy one for yourself, then do so by clicking here.

If you thought that I got carried away then bring me back down to earth by asking me questions about this product, or by commenting in the comment box below.

The PotLifter is a tool for any container gardener.



16 thoughts on “Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool, A Review (Lift More than You Bargained For)”

  1. I think this pot lifter tool is great. As a weightlifter, I appreciate the design. It converts a pot that may be awkward to grip into a grip that you can put your entire hand around and move much more easily. When you have to move a heavy objects with just a pinch grip, like moving a heavy pot, that will put a lot more strain on your forearms. 

    But if you have the grip of the pot lifter then you could even use lifting straps to make it even easier. You would hardly have to stress your forearms at all. That could be good for people with elbow pain who want to move their Garden around.

    I think for most people it will be a good thing that it involves getting help from a friend. For most people lifting 200 lb on their own would be too much. This gives you a nice easy way to split the weight between both people. Just be careful lifting things and if you’re not sure about your core strength maybe get a lifting belt to. Do you have any recommendations on a lifting belt for gardeners? Great article thanks!

    1. Hi c

      It is good to get positive feedback from a weightlifter who knows the ins and outs of lifting heavy objects. You would understand the strains and stresses placed on the body to lift such heavy objects.  You can say it takes the strain out of container gardening and that it is much easier to do then just relying on your hands and back, This can be a recipe for disaster.  

      I have not really looked into lifting belts for gardeners but will get back to you when I have some more time.

      Kind Regards


  2. I’m so glad I came across this article. I’m planning on re-landscaping my front and back yards soon and I didn’t realize that a product like this even existed. I would have just had my husband and his friend trying to lift anything heavy on their own. This type of product will make things so much easier. Thanks for a great review and great product information.

    1. Hi Briana

      I like it when people do not know about the products and are something which they never thought about.  Makes a pleasant surprise that you have found a tool that makes moving pots much easier.  I bet you were pleasantly surprised.

      Kind Regards


  3. Hi Antonio

    I’m glad that I found your post about this gardening heavy lifting tool. It is quite troublesome for me since I grow a lot of big plants with bigger pots around my house. So, it is very difficult every time I need to move those plant to a different location.

    Thanks for explaining the features of this pot lifter. I will definitely go and take a look.

    All the best

    1. Hi Samm

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.  The Potlifter is not only for outside and as you say it can be used for plants inside as well.  Use one and give you back a break.



  4. Hello Antonio, I find this very useful and I have a thought that I should buy it. There is one that I was contemplating that has wheels but it won’t be easy to move around in a muddy area. I guess the only con about this is that two people are required to move it. Its great that it can carry cylindrical and square shaped pots. I’ll check it out and I hope the strapped product comes with a manual on how to use too.

    1. Hi Henderson.  

      Thank you for stopping by and passing such a pleasant comment. Yes, this PotLifter is a blessing for those who constantly like to rearrange their pots or need to move pots because frosts are nearly arriving.  Best to get one now before this happens.



  5. Thanks for putting this great review together… Getting right tools to perform task they are made for is not necessary but important to avoid injuries and destruction of plants. I just moved to a new house and I haven’t moved my garden equipments and my flower pots. moving this flower pots has been giving me concern. I could easily use a wheelbarrow but what if there is a damage. Definitely I would be needing a heavy lifting tool to move those stuffs easily. I have been educated with the post and I now know about heavy lifting tools. Taking a decision on which tool to buy can never be a problem anymore.

    1. Hi Willy

      I am glad you came across this review and just at the right time too.  Yes, a wheelbarrow can be used but you will still need to lift it on the wheelbarrow in the first place. Not easy if it weighs more than 60kg,  This is why this PotLifter is recommended.  You and a friend can move plants very easily using this.



  6. Hi

    Thank you so much for your review of Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool.  I will love to have PotLifter 91kg Gardening Heavy Lifting Tool. You have also mentioned the link of amazon from where I can get it. I was searching a potlifter for my garden because I will be shifted from third floor to 7th floor in our building and I have a little garden in my corridor and I am worried about how to shift it. So, I was finding a good potlifter for my plants. You have nicely described why one should use a potlifter, the pro’s and con’s, why one should buy it and so on.

    Thank you so much for providing this post it really helpful enough to me. I will definitely share your post.

    1. Hi Monalisha 

      Thank you for those kind words, which I very much appreciate.  I always trying to make the container gardeners live easier and this product will do that.  Hope you get one.



  7. Really cool to know that we now have such product available. In our home garden, it has always been an issue when we need to move flower pots from one spot to another. often times we either push or drag the pots and in some cases this has led to the pot shattering off. This is a great idea and I also consider the price reasonanly cheap enough. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Greea8J

      I am always here to be of service to any budding container gardener.  This device makes lifting heavy pot much easier, without breaking your pots and your back.



  8. Hello Antonio. To tell you the truth, I have never heard of a potlifter. When my mom needs to move a heavy plant, she usually asks me to help her. But the plants with their pots weight at most 10 kilos.

    Using a Potlifter doesn’t look a bad idea since it’s not so expensive and you can lift pots up to 65kg. I wonder what could weight up to 65kg and be in a pot. I guess a tree or lots of rocks as you mentioned.

    Thanks for this informative potlifter review. Take care.

    1. Hi George

      A Boulder will almost certainly weigh more than 65kg and so would a large container with a tree in it.  You cannot imagine how difficult it is to move these around, and this where the PotLifter come into play.  Itmakese jobs like this easier.

      Thank you


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