Moving Pots in the Container Garden –Wheeled Garden Plant Pot Reviewed

Large pots are difficult to move
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Name of Product: Wheeled Garden Plant Pot Trolley

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Product Dimensions: Not stated

Weight of Trolley 3.7kg

Maximum Weight it can Transport: up to 65kg.

My Rating: 8/10

In this article moving pots in the container garden will be discussed, in particular to the wheeled garden plant pot trolley.

We all know that container gardening is so much fun, allowing those without permanent soil beds to garden in and grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You know that you have to get the position right so that the plants can get the maximum sunshine that it requires or to be in a position that is sheltered from strong winds or heavy rain.

Large pots are difficult to move
Large pots are difficult to move

This is good if you get the position right but what about if you are not happy with its location? I should not say ‘if you are not happy’ but instead say if the plant is unhappy in its present location. What are you to do then?

You want to move a pot but it is too large to grip, too heavy to carry or the plant pot is too fragile and could break easily.

What is a person to do in this situation? You do not want to risk your back or knees giving way when you try to lift the pot from the ground. The pot suddenly appears as an immovable object. You need a device that can make moving plant pots around the garden a doddle. This is where the wheeled garden plant pot trolley comes into play.


It is a trolley that can lift and move heavy plant pots around with ease. You must re-member large plant pots of 20cm + in diameter, full of wet compost, plants and the plant pot itself (think how heavy terracotta or stone is) will be very heavy.

You will need muscles like Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined, to be able to lift it from the ground. This is not practical for most people unless you are Sly Stallone and an Arnold Schwarzenegger combined.

This versatile trolley will allow you to move these awkward pots with little effort. The device can lift heavy pots made out of cast iron, terracotta or heavy concrete. The trolley weighs 3.7 kg and is extremely sturdy, allowing pots of 20cm to 75cm in height to be move. It can lift and move containers weighing up to 65kg, which is quite impressive. The trolley is constructed to cart around rectangular and bell-shaped pots. Cylindrical shaped pots (although rare) can be more difficult to transport around the garden.


To use it, simply adjust the grabber arm down until it rests against the rubber buffer. When the buffer is securely against the pot, you can tilt the trolley to a comfortable height, ready for transportation around the garden.

For very heavy load, a ‘U’-shaped base plate that has dimensions of 150 by 100mm fits under the pot. The ‘U’-shaped base plate is manufactured from an 8mm diameter steel bar, and therefore strong enough to support heavy plant pots. On top of the trolley, there is a hook that grabs hold of the pot at top of the container, thus preventing the pot falling if you came to an abrupt stop. You do not want the plant pot flying everywhere.

For those of you wondering if it will fit in your garden and you have a narrow path, the width of the trolley is 56cm. It is not extensively wide, but if your garden has a narrow alleyway in order to get in, I would give this product a miss.

The trolley itself is supported with two 19cm diameter wheels and a large wheelbase, making sure that the trolley can be moved with ease.

The trolley itself is made out of tubular steel and is painted an attractive green colour.

Saying all this, the only major drawback is that it will require self-assembling. It is claimed to be easy but as with any put together kits, some people will struggle. It is not for those that find flat packs assemble items difficult to do, although this will not be a problem for most people.


  • Relative cheap.
  • Saves your back and knees.
  • Can lift pots from 20 to 75 cm in height with ease. Can lift up to 65kg in weight.
  • Does not matter what the plant pot is made out or what shape it is.
  • Easy to assemble, if you do not mind doing such a thing.
  • Have multiple uses. You can also transport compost bags around the garden, along with objects that will fit the trolley, and is no greater than 75cm in height and weighs less than 65 kg.


  • Some people complain that it is not easy to put together, but this could be due to faulty parts, missing parts or lack of assembly experience.
  • Not advised if the ground it needs to be moved over is rough or muddy. No point if the trolley will tip over, get stuck, causing the pot to break or worse injure yourself.
  • If you have a narrow gap to go through it is best to avoid, as it may be easier for a camel to pass through an eye of the needle.
  • Not suitable if you have plenty of steps. Small number yes, large number forget it.


If you want to move a plant pot from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible to do it, then this wheeled garden plant pot trolley is the device for you. You could carry it and do your back in, or you could invest some money to buy this trolley, which makes transporting pots in your garden, a breeze. The choice is up to you but if you want to buy it, the trolley can be found here.

If you have any questions that you wish to be answered or any comments that you want to make, please do so in the comment box below.

Carry on moving.



18 thoughts on “Moving Pots in the Container Garden –Wheeled Garden Plant Pot Reviewed”

  1. Wow, this trolley is awesome and totally perfect for my gardening duties. Its is the icing on the cake for me. Being able to carry those big annoying pots with ease is great. Seeing that I can move the trolley easily around the garden is also great with small space. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks.

    1. Hi Henderson

      The trolley is a must for those who have large heavy pots and therefore so beneficial as you will not need to put too much effort in carting them around.



  2. Hello antonio, I read your post.

    Container hardening is very good and also helpful when it comes to creating segmentation within the garden however, it does comes with the problem of stationing it at the right place. Though being a gardener myself, I’ve had difficulties in moving the containers and this wheeled garden plant pot comes very handy to me right now. It would help to ensue proper movement of the containers in order to station them at the appropriate place that would benefit the plant. Considering the weight it could lift, that’s simply great to know of. Thanks

    1. Hi RoDarrick

      It is my pleasure to introduce you to this product, as it will most certainly benefit those who regularly need to move large and heavy pots around. 

      Thank you


  3. Hello Antonio, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative.  I have a garden behind my house and nearly all of my flowers are in the pots and big ones. Thank you for sharing this great wheeled garden pot trolley, I will definitely buy one as it will greatly help in the removing process.

    1. Hi Daniel

      Thank you for stopping by and thinking about purchasing the trolley, as you will not regret it.

      Kind Regards


  4. That is such a cool trolley that would be a great advantage to have in South African gardens as most gardens here are very big. I really enjoy gardening mostly I like to grow my own vegetables and herbs as I really enjoy cooking. I have to agree with you about the pro’s I injured my lower back moving a heavy pot plant and I couldn’t walk for two days 🙁 This would have been really handy to have around. Thank you for sharing. 

    1. Hi Anglewolf.

      No matter where in the world you are, this trolley will make moving heavy objects in the garden a breeze. I am sure you can get the product to South Africa, where you can most certainly benefit from.



  5. Hi, Antonio.
    Thanks for your lovely article on moving pots in the container garden and review of wheeled garden plant pot trolley. Being an avid nature lover I found your suggestions quite interesting and will be adopting them in my small balcony garden. I regularly need to shift my plants to the terrace and hopefully, this kind of trolley will save me a lot of back pain.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav

      Yes these trolleys are such a blessing that you wonder what the you did before buying one. If you are buying one I suggest you get one now as your back will be most grateful.



  6. wow, interesting. I had no idea about such trolley from  plant pots. I once broke the pot of my favorite plant when I was trying to move it to where it could gain access to sunlight. Talking from your description the trolley would be of benefits to me, now that my wife has taken interest in maintaining these flowers she would certainly be glad to have these trolley. I’m really glad. 

    1. Hi Dane

      I am surprised that a lot of container gardeners are not aware that trolleys exist that can make moving pot easier and quicker.  No more backache but a smooth method for transporting pots.



  7. Hello 

    I’m glad for reading another useful article from you again. Especially for me and my family that we love gardening. Μy wife plants from spring to summer, beautiful flowers in large pots in the large garden we grow in the village. It makes sense that she can’t move them either for me because I have problems with my back. This trolley is an excellent practice device that I can use in my garden. You can find it at a perfect price at amazon. Thanks for the propositions.


    1. Hi Water life

      Thank you for dropping by. I am always thinking of ways to help the container gardener.

      Pot moving is such a difficult task until I found this trolley, makes it much easier.

      Kind Regards



  8. Hi Antonio!

    This is such a great post.

    I have two beautiful cycads in large pots, and I really want to move them so that they can be part of the entrance to my garden. They do appear quite immovable, and I have not really even considered buying something to help.

    But the wheeled garden plant pot trolley actually seems quite perfect! I have a cute herb garden that’s not getting enough sun at the moment as well, so I think this trolley will be the perfect addition to my garden.

    Thanks for the great article!


    1. Hi Lize

      It is my pleasure to help others, as my task is to make it easier for gardeners.  Moving pots can be such a nightmare  and most have to give up. Not with this device.



  9. Gardening is my grandmother’s favorite job- as far as I can recall. and she has many big plant pots with beautiful flowers in her garden here and there .Whenever we head over to grandmother’s house to meet and pay respect her,she asks us to assist her moving the pots to somewhere else and place them together for her on the desirable place.It’s tedious work!

    This is a great Wheeled Garden Plant Pot for doing so and I am sure that she would be surprised to see what we brought her. I guess the dimension and weight is fit and there is no issue about that.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Shirian

      Thank you for those kind words as this trolley will make moving pots very easy. It is a kind thing you do for your grandmother and hope others will do kind deeds as well. 



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