Charge Biostimulant, a Review- Is it Worthwhile to Use in the Garden?

Mealworms make the fertilizer
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Name of Product: Ecothrive Charge Insect Frass Biostimulant

The Best Place to Buy:

Available in Two Sizes:  5 Litres or 10 litres

Shipping Weight: 5kg or 10kg .

My Score: 7/10

In this article, we will be learning about Charge Biostimulant plant nutrient to see if it is suitable to be used in the garden.

I remember a few years ago, whilst searching online to read about this new product that is suitable as a fertilizer for plants. It seems that like all plant food manufacturers that it is the next best thing since sliced bread, so I got some to see what the fuss was about.

Do I recommend the product for gardeners? You have to read the rest of the review to find out.

Slow Release Fertilizing
Fertilising is very important.

I have talked extensively about fertilizers from slow-release fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, granular fertilisers such as fish, blood and bone or growmore, and Q4 for those looking for something that professional uses. Well, this fertilizer is something different and uses totally unconventional ingredients to feed your plants.

Is it as good as the others I have talked about well you have to be patient and find out?

First, we have to discover more about this product?


Let us say it is a naturally made compost enhancer that offers a wide range of benefits to your plants, especially biological one. It is claimed that Chase natural boost the fertility of your compost by adding primary nutrients in a highly available form. The fertilizer is said to be readily available to the plants and lasts much longer than other fertilizers.

Beetles can be useful in the garden
Beetles can be useful in the garden

What makes this product unique amongst fertilizers is what it is made out of. It is made from the droppings of beetles, which is packed full of beneficial micro-organism that promotes active growth in plants.

It helps by improving the growing conditions at the root zones, so more nutrients can be uptaken by the plants and therefore its health.

This organic plant food has the seal of approval by the Soil Association, a no mean feat. It does have some merit, as it is used in the growing of crops.


It has the three main macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that becomes readily available to the plant.

What the fertilizer does is promote the beneficial micro-organisms to thrive around the roots and therefore to help in its uptake of nutrients via the root system. A better root system often means a better uptake of nutrients and healthier plants. All these benefits from a natural product.

It is claimed that the product contains natural activators that strengthen the plant’ natural immune response. This immune response helps the plant to fight disease caused by malignant microbes such as bacteria and fungi.

It not only feeds your plant but makes it more resistant to disease, such a bold claim. As said earlier, it is made out of beetle droppings, poo or frass to give its technical name. The frass they use is a premium grade, which is an unusually claim to make, but the claim can be backed up.

Mealworms make the fertilizer
Mealworms make the fertilizer

The specific beetle that is used to create the product are the larvae of the Tenebrio molitor, or you may know them as mealworms. A product that is often sold as bird food, who would have imagined that mealworm can produce a useful product.

For the mealworms to do their business and produce Charge, it has to go through several processes before being tested thoroughly and assigned fit for purpose.

The final products are checked to ensure that no live insects are present.

To produce good quality poo the larvae must eat right. Use rubbish food and you will not get good quality frass. The beetles’ larvae are fed on a diet of organic carrots and wheat bran, which is everything the larvae needs to live a healthy life.

It is a 100% organic product.


All you need to do is mix into your soil compost or coco coir in the right proportions.

Water thoroughly your growing media, as you would normally do.

And wait for the results.

  • For cuttings/seedlings, mix 10 ml perlite of soil/compost
  • For established plants, mix 10ml per litre of soil/compost.
  • For container 1 litre per 100 to 200 litres of multipurpose compost.
  • For cuttings/seedlings, mix 10ml per litre of coco coir.
  • For established plants, mix 2ml per litre of coco coir.
  • For best results mix Charge with coco coir before planting. Top dress every four weeks.
  • Add 2 to 4ml per litres of multipurpose compost or 20 to 40ml per 10-litre pot.
  • Water well and repeat every 4 weeks whilst the plant is in active growth.
  • Add 2.5 to 5, 60ml scoops per square metre of bed. Prepare the area for planting or sowing then lightly fork it into the top of the soil and water. Repeat every 6 weeks.
  • For established plants, top-dress 1.25 to 2.5, 60ml scoops per square metre of growing area. Evenly sprinkle the measured amount around the base of the plant and water in well. This need to be repeated every 4 weeks.
  • Add 10 to 20ml per litre of water, stir thoroughly for one minute. Water container with this mixture and repeat every 4 weeks. It is best to let the tap water stand overnight to get the best results or you can use rainwater harvested from your water butt if you want to use it immediately.

Add 0.5 to 1 level teaspoon per litre of water. Stir thoroughly for one minute and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Once you have waited for the allotted time, you will need to strain the mixture to remove any sediment. Pour into a spray bottle and use within 24 hours. You must leave tap water to stand overnight before using it. Alternatively, you can use harvested rainwater immediately. Repeat application every 2 weeks.


  • Made from beetle frass, a valuable product in the garden.
  • A small amount will go a long way in the garden.
  • Has multiple uses in containers and beds and for growing many plants from fruits, perennials and vegetables.
  • Can be used as a foliar feed, which with other fertilizers cannot be done.
  • Comes in two sizes, so will suit gardeners with gardens of different sizes.
  • Not a cheap fertiliser and it does have some benefits but is the benefits worth the cost?
  • It will take time to get results.


As I said in the instruction I bought the produce a few years ago as a curiosity, I used it in my home garden to see if it did anything. I say it did have some effect but I would not use it as my sole preferred fertiliser. I got better results if I mixed it with something like Q4 or Growmore. The two fertilizers working together with each other gave me better results.

Would I recommend the product on its own? This is a tricky question to answer as it depends on your soil and compost and growing conditions, but I would say it may do. I am not sitting on the fence but I think that there are better products on the markets as mentioned at the beginning of this article, If you use it combined with other fertilizers I would say Yes.

If you want to use this product in your garden, you can find it here.

If you have any questions or comments you wish to make, please do so in the comment box below.

Go crazy and fertilize differently.


12 thoughts on “Charge Biostimulant, a Review- Is it Worthwhile to Use in the Garden?”

  1. I’ve been reading your article about plant fertilizer Charge Biostimulant.  I’m currently using a MiracleGro product for my containers.  I notice the Charge product is to be used every 4 weeks which seems a long time between uses. The Charge product sounds good but I’m wondering with the mealworm component, do you have a lot of birds dropping in on your containers?  Thanks for this article -Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley 

      Thank you very  much for your comment, as amongst fertilizers it has a totally different composition. It is not made from mealworms but their droppings and it has no affect on what the birds do. It can most certainly  help in the garden.



  2. In the first place your manner of presentation is so wonderful. Your invitation to listen is the first attraction to your article. Secondly, you show that you spoke from a practical point, that is, someone who have used the product and knows how it functions. It is really impressive. The comparison with the other fertilizers,  and the information on Biostimulant is clear and educative; one could learn the difference and make a choice. Your presentation gives room to the audience to make a choice while at the same time encouraging them to choose Biostimulant. It is  a creative way of marketing. 

    Nice Review!

    1. Hi alkaline

      Thank you for those kind words as it is very much appreciated. When I write a review I will be as honest as po9 to give my own opinion  and feedback to tell people if the product is good or not. I have used the product and so can report back on it and help people to make an informed  decision. 

      I do hope  you will use it in the garden.

      Kind regards 


  3. Hello 🙂 Thank you for this review, I was just looking for something like this for some of my plants which are not looking so good lately..  I can see that you know a lot about this stuff and it is really nice hobby, being with the nature and helping it grow. 🙂 I can see this product is a little expensive and it is not very good to use on its own. Since I don’t know much about these things I would like to know what is Q4 and Growmore? You said we should mix it with this product for better results.

    Thank you for this post 🙂

    1. Hi Majam97

      It is very important  to get your fertiliser right and that is why this article was written about this very different  product based on such a novel technique. I have actually  used the product and can tell you it does work, but work better if used with other fertilisers, such as Q4 and Growmore, as you get better results.

      Thank you


  4. Hello,  thank you  for thsmis very detailed an comprehensive review,  though I really not don’t know much about Charge Biostimulant until my friend mentioned it to me last week that I could use it for my garden so I decided to make some research about it and indeed I have answers to so many questions in my mind but I really like to try your method by mixing  Charge bio stimulant with Q4 or Growmore,   I hope to get a better result as you.

    1. Hi Jomata

      It is good to hear from you and I am not surprised that you have not heard of it, not many have unless you do your research. It is so useful in the garden and hope you do try it to see if it has helped.

      Kind  regards 


  5. Hello Antonio 

    I must say that this is really an educational article on charge biostimulant, I have actually heard a some few things about the charge biostimulant but never really knew much about it and how it’s being used , seeing this article is really a relief and help to me, now I have a concised knowledge of what charge biostimulant is and how it works. Thanks for sharing this it’s helpful.

    1. Hi Sheddy

      I am glad you got a lot from my article on charge biostimulant and hope that you start using it in your harden to see if it helps. I believe it is best that my readers understand the product that I am reviewing and then apply it to their own gardens.

      Kind regards 


  6. Hey nice article you have there. I was researching about the effects of charge Biostimulant on garden online, I was directed to this article. Having gone through this article, I have been enlighten on it and various fertilizers also. Nevertheless I will definitely give it a trial on my soil, why hoping for the best possible outcome. Regards

    1. Hi edahnewton

      Once again thank you for stopping by and commenting on this very important  subject. Yes, it is a bio stimulant that not only feeds the plsnts but also promote the culture around the plant, so that  it will grow in a healthy condition. Hope you will  get some.



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