How to Harvest and Store your Fruits

In this article, we will talk about how to harvest your home-grown fruit, how to determine it is ready to harvest and what to do to store your little treasures.

We, home-grown gardeners, work hard throughout the growing season and when harvest time comes the reward of all the hard work comes to fruition and you can enjoy them. Most fruits are best eaten straight picked from the tree, shrub or canes, ideally within hours. After all, it is the main reason we grow them but often there are gluts and we must store fruit. This is the best way …

Growing Patio Roses in Containers

In this article, we will be discussing the best way to grow roses in containers but particularly patio and miniature roses.

In theory, any roses can be grown in containers, but this is not often practical for rambling roses and tall climbers, as they have such a large root system.

They can be grown in containers but the container that is used has to be very deep and very wide; something like 1.5m deep and 1.5m wide to do well. This means you need to build or purchase a deep raised bed to grow your rambler in, not very practical.…

Growing Shrubs in Containers Suitable for the Shade

In this article, we will be talking about what shrubs can be grown in containers that will do well in the shade. We all know that growing plants in the shade can be problematic as plants, in general, do not do as well as if it is grown in full sun. I have in the past talked about plants that can be grown in containers in the shade, but in this article, I want to concentrate on what shrubs can brighten up shady areas, as a feature specimen.

You are limited to what can be grown but this does …

Give Your Plants the Right Nutrients-What Elements Do Plant Needs?

In this article, we will be discussing the right nutrients that each plant requires to be at their healthiest. We all know that plants need certain elements to grow to their optimal in producing the greenest leaves, most colourful blooms and the most abundant fruits.

There are 118 known elements in the periodic table (some are artificially made) and the majority of these elements are not required by plants to flourish. In fact, only 6 elements are required in large quantities, whilst the other 17 are required in much lower quantities. Some elements are only required in such small quantities …

Plant Troubles to Prevent and Avoid in Container Gardening

In this article. I will be looking in-depth to what plant troubles to prevent and avoid in container gardening. In a previous article, I have discussed pests and diseases that can affect container plants in that article I only scratched the surface of what problem container plants can suffer from. I feel now is the time to discover more about plant troubles, so that:

a) They can be minimised and

b) Dealt with in a quick and decisive manner.

Firstly, it must be realised that even in the best garden in the world which is looked after by the best …

Growing Soft Fruit in Containers- Grow More than Strawberries

In a previous article (Growing fruit trees in containers-there’s a fruit tree for you) fruit trees that can be grown in containers was discussed. It is now time to turn our concentration and attention to growing soft fruit in containers.

Soft fruit tends not to grow as big as fruit trees, and therefore more types can be grown in containers. You can grow blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant, white currant, gooseberries, goji berries, and grapes.

What follows is a discussion of what soft fruits can be planted in containers and the best way of doing this.…

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers- There’s a Tree for You

It is always surprising the range of fruit trees that can be grown if you have no garden to plant in. Your first thought is that 7m cherry tree growing in a large orchard has put you off thinking of growing fruit trees.

Breeders have seen the opportunity and have developed techniques to minimize the height of trees. It is now possible to plant fruit trees in containers, and still get a decent harvest. The technique developed by free tree breeders is called ‘grafting’ in which the fruit producing section, technically called the ‘scion’, is joined to a different variety …

Rabbit and Deer Proofing your Container Garden- Stop Flower Heads Disappearing

Everybody remembers the story of Bambi, the young deer whose mother get shot dead by hunters, and his rabbit friend, Thumper. In Disney animation these creatures are fine but put Bambi and Thumper in your garden, and you wish that they were never born.

Plants can be devastated by rabbits and deers who have a large appetite for many plant varieties. It is a nightmare trying to come up with plants that are not favoured by deer and rabbits, and yet still attractive to have in the container garden.


In very harsh weather conditions, …

Diseases and Pests of Plants in Containers-What to Watch Out for?

Most diseases and pests that affect plants in containers, also commonly affect those that are found in gardens. These problems are often due to improper care, which can be often improved by better cultivation and maintenance of the plants in containers.

Chemical sprays are limited because of the vastly reduced numbers available, due to the number of chemical pesticides and fungicides that have been withdrawn that will tackle diseases and pests.

As consumers, we have become more environmentally friendly, and the effect pesticides have on our native species such as birds, bees, butterflies, and ladybirds are becoming better known. The …

Growing Magnolia Trees in Containers

When you think about magnolia trees, your first thought is of a majestic plant, growing in well-kept lawns or in large gardens, bearing large pink or white flowers in early spring. You see them in gardens but never in pots due to their large root system. Your second thought is that you want one but that I have no garden to put it in. This article is about the suitability of growing magnolia in containers.

If you are going to use a container, you will get a level of control that is not available to those who grow directly in …