Growing Choisya in Containers- Growing this Colourful Shrub

In this article, we will discuss how to grow Choiysa in containers to give a wonderful colourful leaf plant that has beautiful flowers.  The flowers tend to appear between late April to late May and are often numerous and delightfully scented. The flowers are not the only reason that the plant is grown for but for its beautiful, elegant coloured leaves.

The variety ‘Sundance’ has dark green leaves on mature growth but in spring new yellow-lime green leaves appear, giving a beautiful contrast between the young and old leaves, giving a stunning effect.

Choisya is also known as Mexican Orange …

Growing Cordylines in Containers- How to Grow this Colourful Plant

In this article, we will be discussing how to grow this colourful plant of Cordyline in containers. If you want a plant that has striking architectural leaves in a container then this is the plant for you.  It is such a bold and handsome shrub that slowly grows into a tree-like plant.  The cordylines are grown for their single trunk or multiple trunks who are topped with dense tufts of long, colourful, leathery leaves that can be variegated.

It has many common names from cabbage palm, Torbay Palm or New Zealand cabbage tree. It is not a palm and most …

Growing Brugmansia in Containers-Growing this Colourful Tender Tree

In this article, we will be discussing how to grow this colourful tree of Brugsmansia in containers. If you have seen a Brugmansia or Angel’s trumpet to give its common name in flower, you would want to grow this plant immediately.

Once observed it will not soon be forgotten. They are small trees or shrubs that can grow up to 2.5m in height, even more in their native climates, where the shrub is covered in elegant blooms. The only problem is that they are tender and they need to be brought indoors in autumn and winter to protect them.


Growing Aucuba in Containers-Growing These Shrubs

In this article, we will discuss how to grow Aucuba, or spotted laurels as it is alternatively known, in containers. This wonderful, elegant shrub is a delight in your patio area. You do often see Aucubas in gardens or Japanese laurels to give its other common name, and you wonder if this plant can be grown in containers. This article is here to show you how to grow these plants in containers.

This hardy shrub tends to make short term plants in containers, as over time they will get too big and will need to be placed in the ground. …

Growing Abutilons in Containers- Growing this Beautiful Shrub

In this article, we will discuss how to grow abutilon as a beautiful shrub in the container garden.

Abutilons look stunning if they are grown in a container as a free-standing garden shrub against a wall or near a pergola.  At one time they were considered too tender to be grown outdoors but now it is seen as a great outdoor patio display plant.

They can be evergreen or deciduous depending on what part of the UK you live in. The colder the area the more likely it will lose leaves. Choose carefully as some are hardy to -5 degree …

Plants for Inside Container Ponds in the Shade

In this article, we will be discussing what plants can be grown inside container ponds that will flourish in the shade. In a previous article, we talked about water plants that can be grown in a container in full sun, but for completeness, we need to see what plants that can be grown in the shade.

As you can imagine, the selection of plants that can be used in the shade is very slim pickings, as most need some light to put on their best show.

Do not place the container in deep shade as it will not do well. …

Plants for Inside Container Ponds in the Sun

In this article, we will be talking about plants that ideally can be used and placed inside a container pond. In previous articles, I talked about how to make various container pond features from bubble fountains, marginals in containers, creating a big water feature, bog plants in containers etc., but now it is time to expand to what plants can be used inside these containers.

Reflection of colourful aquatic plants in containers in full sum make a magical scene in gardens, but more so in small or large containers.

Use a tiny, formal water feature in your container …

Creating Water Plants in Buckets

In this article, we will discover how to use shiny metal buckets to plant your water plants in. Of all the water features that I have discussed from bubble fountains, water containers, planting marginals, bog plants in containers, this is the simplest.

All you need is a bucket and a plant. Shiny metal buckets that can hold water is a wonder in the garden, as they have reflective surfaces that suggest it contains water and it shows it at its best. So what is not to like about having a water plant in a metal container.


How to Create a Bog Garden in a Half-Barrel

In this article, we will discuss how to create a specific bog garden in a half-barrel. In a previous article, I talked about how to have a bog garden in full sun and shade, discussing how to create one and what plants to use.  I will take this further in this article and talk about how to create a specific bog garden that uses plants and other important features.

Bog plants make an ideal feature in containers and tend to look their best when full of beautiful plants in a half-oak barrel.

This is one of the best ways …

Pansies in Pots- Creating a Simple Display

In this article, we will be discussing how to create a stunning, simple display of pansies in a pot for spring. If you grow your own spring bedding plants from seed, such as wallflowers, stocks, violas and Bell’s daisies, you can plant up containers in autumn, after the summer annuals are past their best.

If you do this and you leave them outside then protect the plants within from strong winds and the container from freezing frosts or becoming waterlogged. This is to prevent the roots from rotting.

In this article, we will be describing how to create a spring …