Feed your Plants and not your Containers+ Watering

Once your containers have been filled with the right compost such as multipurpose, ericaceous, or a tub mix, within a short time of 4-6 weeks all the nutrients will be depleted. After this in order for the plants to flourish an additional feed is required at frequent intervals (once a week or fortnightly).

If plants are fed right at the right intervals they will reward you with plenty of blooms, bountiful fruits and vegetables, or lush leaves. Remember overfeeding can cause as much damage as underfeeding, as this can promote diseases and attacks by pests. It is always recommended to …

Preparing your Containers for Planting-Getting it right the first time

In order to grow successfully in containers it is essential to have good drainage and soil structure so that a healthy root system can develop in the container. It is paramount that the right compost is used and matched to your plant requirements, so that acid loving plants are planted in ericaceous compost, and the rest is planted in multipurpose or sometimes specialised compost such a citrus compost if you are growing citrus fruit.

Most bedding plants, fruits, vegetables and bulbs can be planted in multipurpose compost which are designed to give you plants feed enough for 4-6 weeks but …

Designing Your Container Garden- From pot choice to aesthetics


The choice of what container to use for what plant is very extensive as any visit to a garden centre will tell you, and anything can be used from Belfast sinks, bird baths, old baths, toilets, buckets, old recycling boxes, Wellington Boots and even old dustbins.

There is a container that is suitable for the design of your garden being contemporary or traditional, or somewhere between the two. Your choice will follow a theme, which can be carried out throughout your garden.

Some containers are more suited for certain conditions and …

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Throughout my life from childhood to adulthood, plants have always fascinated me, from growing vegetables and fruits to shrubs and flowers of many kinds. Gardening has brought to me so much pleasure and I hope you will catch the gardening bug too!

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