Rowlinson Hardwood Mini Greenhouse, a Review (Is it Worth the Price?)

Greenhouse are a gardener friend
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Name of Product: Rowlinson Hardwood Mini Greenhouse

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Product Dimensions: 120 x 65 x144 cm

Shipping Weight: 27.2kg

My Rating: 9/10

In this review, I will be looking into Rowlinson hardwood Mini Greenhouse to see if it is a valuable addition to the container garden.

Greenhouse are a gardener friend
A greenhouse is a gardener friend

The problem with the UK weather is the fact that it is so unpredictable. The winters can be mild, average or bitterly cold and snowy, which make gardening difficult at this time of year.

We may cope with bad winter weather, although some of us do not know how to drive in snow, but most of us will manage. Plants, on the other hand, maybe hardy and can take a hard frost or they maybe semi-hardy, where they can take a light frost or horrors of horrors they may be tender and cannot take any form of cold at all. Frosts are not a container gardener friend, as they can not only kill plants but crack and damage terracotta pots. Not a pretty sight.


All my avid fans will know that when I write I state if the plant is tender or not, and if it needs to be moved in order to protect the container plant from excessive bad, cold, frosty weather. It is often recommended that you move the plant pot into a conservatory –if you have the luxury of having one, many houses do not- or into a house, if you do not mind lugging heavy pots in and out of houses. Just think about this before moving it on your new carpet, as moving containers can spill compost everywhere.

You may be lucky enough to have a greenhouse but many households cannot afford and have space for a large outdoor structure. You could use horticultural fleece to wrap your precious plant, but this will only offer a minimal amount of protection (A few degree Celsius maybe). The container plant will still need protection from severe winter weather and so you will still need to move the plant to a protected area.

This is where container gardening comes into the picture where the tender plant can be moved into a protected environment.

So what is the solution?

This is where the mini-greenhouse comes into play, as you can move your plant into this wide mini-greenhouse. No need to have a conservatory or move big pots into your home. You can still wrap the plants with horticultural fleece to offer twice the protection.

If the plant in question cannot take any amount of cold, you can use a small electric heater (if you are near electrics) or a very small paraffin heater, as long as you keep it away from the wooden frame and polycarbonate glass. You do not want to set up a bonfire in your garden.

The mini greenhouse also has a dual-purpose, as during spring you can grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in seed trays for your outdoor container garden. This will not only give to you an early start but will stop your front windowsill in your house from becoming a plant-producing factory. Not a pretty sight.

You may be thinking, why don’t I use one of those PVC covered, hollow metallic tube, mini greenhouse. Believe me that they do not work, as they are a waste of time. Firstly the light structure will blow down and away in strong winds.

If a light gale will damage them can you imagine what will happen in 60mph winds? Is it worth losing your plants for only a few bob? The PVC cover does not last long as sunlight will cause it to deteriorate over time, and almost every two years you need to buy a new cover. Does that make economic sense? It does not to me. This is why I recommend more permanent structures.


It is a flat pack, self-assemble greenhouse, which consists of 1 back panel, 1 right side panel, 1 left side panel, 2 front doors, 2 shelves, and 2 top lid doors. All the holes have been pre-drilled and only a screwdriver and hammer is the only tools that are required for assembly. This is, of course, assuming the holes have been positioned in the correct place.

This product is not recommended for those who hate flat packs. Once assembled it can be used to grow your seeds and seedlings, and to overwinter your tender container plants. The top half of the greenhouse can be used as a cold frame to allow you to harden off your seedlings.

It has adjustable slides at the top allowing the lids to be opened to varying degrees. It can be either closed, partial opened or totally open. You are in total control. Image raising your seeds and hardening them off as seedlings in the same unit. No more greenhouse and cold frame in two separate units, saving you a lot of money.

The polycarbonate sheeting is adequate, as long as you are gentle with them. No slamming of doors. If you look after the polycarbonate sheeting right it should give to you many years of use. If you accidentally break a polycarbonate sheeting it is not difficult to replace, all you need to do is order the right sized sheet.

Remember not to overload the shelves, as this can cause the plants to literal come crashing around you.


  • Easy to assemble. Can be done by one person, but this will be easier if 2 people do the task.
  • A lot of room for your seed, seedlings and container plants.
  • The wooden structure allows the colour of the frame to be changed, as you can use any outdoor wood paint.
  • Can be used to grow your tomatoes, sweet pepper, chilies, and aubergines.
  • Easy to disassemble and move.


  • Not too cheap
  • For best protection use against a wall or near your home, as extremely winds can damage or flip the mini greenhouse.
  • The door can blow open in strong winds, so it is better to add a gate latch to make it shut better and to remain shut.
  • The shelving can be flimsy so it is better to add more support such as extra brackets to keep it from falling down.


I have used a mini greenhouse for many years, and my gardening season will not be complete if it is not full of seeds and seedling in spring, and with my tender plants safely protected in winter. It is one of the best that I have used, along as you add a gate latch to the front doors and support the shelving better. You will get many years’ service from this greenhouse. Just remember to look after it and treat it well.

If you want to buy one, please do so here.

If you require more information or if you have a question that you need to ask, please do so in the comment box below.

Thanks for your interest.


8 thoughts on “Rowlinson Hardwood Mini Greenhouse, a Review (Is it Worth the Price?)”

  1. Well, this seems like a fair review to me and I’m glad I’m not being sold to here. This rowlinson hardwood mini greenhouse seems like a very hood housing for gardening and can contribute a lot to the development of plants especially preventing excess raining from spoiling the plants. Though it has its cons too, but I must say that the pros are worthy of being a reason enough to give it a trial. The price too is kind of huge when I checked it out but nothing beats the feeling of seeing the result of a fruitful gardening in the springs. Thanks for this review

    1. Hi RoDarrick

      Thank you for your visit and your kind words.

      Kind regards


  2. Hey

    That’s a great concept. I have never heard of a mini greenhouse but it sure looks fascinating. Your article covers all the aspects of a good review. I liked how detailed the information is. Gardening is one of my hobbies and this surely interests me a lot. I’m gonna look for it locally to see how it works and as you say, it is expensive, I would like to get a hands-on first. Well, thanks for posting this review.

    1. Hi Shashwat

      I am glad you enjoyed the review and it had got your creative gardening juices flowing. Mini greenhouses are a must for any container gardener.

      Kind regards


  3. Thanks for another article Antonio. My mom Upstate actually has a mini Greenhouse and she says it helps in the winter. You are right there are a lot of things like putting it up against the wall and the latch for the door that help it Keep from blowing away. Thank you for explaining all of this because next time I talk to her I will ask if she knew about all of this.

    I have a question about plants. I actually have indoor plants because I wanted there to be more oxygen in my house. I might have mentioned that last time. When I got them they were very small but they have grown a lot. Do you think that the Planters need more space for their roots? Also do you have any ideas about indoor Planters or is that unrelated to container gardening? Thank you!

    1. Hi Charles

      Thank you for those kind words. To check if your houseplant is being root bound, lift the plant from the pot to see if the roots are going round and round in the pot. If this happens tease the roots out and repot in the next available pot size with fresh compost.

      Do this and your plant will do well. You may need to do this every couple of years.

      Thanks for the visit.


  4. This is a really fav post. The essence of a mini greenhouse cannot be overly emphasised. It is really important especially in the strong winds. I like it because one can take the containers already gardened into the house. I have really only encountered one mini greenhouse and the owner took really great responsibility of it. It might be expensive but it is truly worth its worth. Overall, great post.

    1. Hi Henderson.

      A lot of people want a greenhouse but neither have the funds or the space for one. Mini greenhouses are a compromise as it can bridge between theses two problems. Raise seedlings and looking after plants in winter is very important.

      Kind Regards


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