Plant Troubles to Prevent and Avoid in Container Gardening

In this article. I will be looking in-depth to what plant troubles to prevent and avoid in container gardening. In a previous article, I have discussed pests and diseases that can affect container plants in that article I only scratched the surface of what problem container plants can suffer from. I feel now is the time to discover more about plant troubles, so that:

a) They can be minimised and

b) Dealt with in a quick and decisive manner.

Firstly, it must be realised that even in the …

The Best Palm and Fern Houseplants to Grow

In this article, we will be broaching the best palm and fern houseplant to have in your home.

As we want our homes to have the best greenery as possible, we look to palms and ferns to bring green hues to our lives, so that we can bring the outside gardening space to our living spaces.

Palms bring up an image of tropical climates in our own homes. It gives a picture of sipping a pina colada under a palm tree. They bring relaxation to our homes, an …

The Best Bromeliads Houseplants to Grow in your Home

In this article, we will be discussing the best bromeliads houseplants to grow in your home.

Bromeliads plants, or the pineapple family to give its less formal name, are exotic looking plants that bring tropical touches to your home. Bromeliads are not difficult to look after and they add vibrant colours where vibrant colours are needed the most- in the home.

They originate from the United States, South America and West Indies, where on their natural inhabitant they grow on trees, stumps and other woody plants.

The plants …

7 of the Best Houseplant Containers to Have in your Home

In this article, I will be discussing 7 of the best houseplant containers to have in your home. When most people buy houseplants they do not think about the containers the houseplant will be displayed in. If you get the selection of houseplant pot right it will not only enhance the beauty of the plants but will also blend or contrast with your home décor. This will add extra panache to your home.

In a previous article, we talked about complying a houseplant kit in which the importance …

Getting you Containers Spring Flowers Ready

In this article, the various plants that can be used in containers in spring to give colour throughout this season will be highlighted.

There are a number of perennials, shrubs and bulbs that can be used to give colour and form to any containers, as the garden springs once again to life in the new growing season.

You need to plan ahead as spring containers are normally planted up in autumn. In order to have a successful spring container, bulbs need to be planted from early to late …

Phostrogen Plant Food, a Liquid Fertilizer- A Review

Name of Product: Phostrogen All-purpose Plant Food, 200 Can.

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 10.1cm x 13.6cm x 23cm.

Shipping Weight: 2.05kg

My Rating: 10/10

In this article, I will be reviewing Phostrogen plant food to see if its suitability in container gardening or gardening in general. In a previous article have talked about slow-release fertilizers and its suitability to release nutrients to plants slowly over the growing season.

This is okay when the plant is healthy but sometimes like us, …

How to Propagate Plants for Free in the Container Garden– Part III Layering, Division, Budding, and Grafting

In this final part of the series on how to propagate plants for free in the container garden, we turn our attention to more advanced techniques to get more plants for free. In this article, we will be concentrating on layering, division, budding and grafting. In previous articles, we have covered sowing seeds and cuttings.

The propagation techniques described in this article are different from the other techniques previously described, as you are not increasing your plants by taking cuttings or by sowing seeds but by other …

How to Propagate Plants for Free in the Container Garden-Part II Cuttings

In the second article in the series, we will be discussing how to propagate plants for the container garden in particular cuttings. The previous part discussed when we need to propagate plants and we learnt the most important aspect of propagating plants via the planting of seeds.

This present article we will be learning about the many techniques that can be used to increase your plant fold by taking cuttings. You will see that this can be done with herbaceous perennials softwood and hardwood cuttings and even root …

How to Propagate Plants for Free in the Container Garden – Part I Sowing

In this three-part series, we will be discussing how to propagate plants for free in the container garden.  Propagation is defined ‘as the breeding of specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent stock to produce new stock’.

Gardeners, in general, are life creators, as we actually produce hundreds or thousands of new life each year. This is why getting propagation techniques correct is important to increase the new life you create in your garden.

Propagation is a fascinating technique, where you can see the seeds …

What You Need to Have in Your Houseplant Kit?

In this article, I will be discussing what you need to have in your houseplant kit in order to get the best from your houseplants. When people start buying houseplants or are given houseplants as a gift, you do not know what items you need to buy to look after the plants well.

This article is for you as I will be enclosing what products you need to get the best from your houseplants, as all aspects will be covered from beginning to the end.