Eight of the Most Beautiful Plant Stands For Displaying your Houseplants

In this article, eight of the most beautiful plant stands for displaying your houseplant will be discussed. We all know the scenario, slowly but surely your indoor plant collection is growing. You go online or visit garden centres and you cannot say no to that extra houseplant, so you buy it.

Your houseplant collection is growing but how do you present them in a way that is not only pleasing to the eye but also structurally sound.

You can have plenty of houseplants close together but this occupies …

Drought-Tolerant Perennials for Containers in the Shade

In this article, drought-tolerant perennials for containers in the shade will be discussed. In a previous article, I have discussed perennials that can be grown in the shade but now I want to go further and discuss, which perennial can be grown on container on the shade but can tolerate long periods of dry weather.

They can be seen as a double-whammy as it is difficult to find perennials that grow in the shade but to find one that can survive long periods without water, seems impossible.

Shade …

Plants for Sunny and Dry Conditions- Growing Drought Tolerant Plants in Full Sun

In this article, we will be discussing what plants can be grown for sunny and dry conditions.

We all know the scenario, we have a long, dry summer (I know these are rare and we must not complain when we get one), and most of our plants are wilting or worse dying. Is this the fate of our plants? or are there some plants that have some resistant to the drought?

Are there some plants that do well if they are not watered as frequently? The answer to …

Evergreen Perennial Plants for the Container Garden- Part II L-W (Have Even More Greenery in Winter)

In this second part of the series, we continue our journey by discussing evergreen perennial plants for the container garden.

This time, we will be discussing from Lamium to Waldsteinia, and many plants between. So you are sure that in this two-part series that there is as evergreen or semi-evergreen perennial for your own personal taste. Some of them have beautiful autumn and winter colours and so should add interest to any container garden. Part 1 can be found here.

You can use evergreen plants dispersed throughout the …

Evergreen Perennial Plants for the Container Garden- Part I A-K (Have Some Greenery in Winter)

In this article, we will be discussing evergreen perennial plants for the container garden. This will be part of a two-part series. Where the first part will concentrate on plants from Acaena to Kniphofia, whilst the second part will concentrate on perennials from K to W.

We know as winter approaches, a lot of perennials die back, leaving nothing to look out to in these long, dark and cold days.

This is not the case as some perennials are evergreen or semi-evergreen, in that they retain their leaves …

7 of the Best Bird Foods to Feed Your Birds

In this article, I will be discussing 7 of the best foods to feed your bird friends. We are fast approaching winter, which is a lean time for our feathery friends. Although they can find their own source of food, it will not hurt or harm them to supplement their diet.

There are so many different bird foods out there and it seems a mind field to which one to choose.

In a previous article, I reviewed 5 of the best bird feeder, but now what stuff should …

5 of the Best Bird Feeders to Use in Your Garden

In this article, I will be reviewing the 5 of the best bird feeders to use in the garden. We are now quickly approaching winter, the lean period for birds that visit our garden. They are now looking for food to sustain them through the winter months.

They are not only for the ornithologists amongst us but for everyone to attract the feathery friends to our gardens.

It must be appreciated that different birds will be attracted by different types of feeders, as well as different types of …

Container Plants for Formal and Modern Schemes

In this article, we will be discussing container plants for formal and modern schemes. Formal gardens conform to a scheme, which is symmetrical in nature whilst more modern designs follow a scheme that is not as formal but is asymmetrical in nature; two different schemes but both employ similar plants.

Clipped hedging is a common feature in formal schemes, where it is used to screen plants or to provide level landscapes to show your ornamental flowering plants. You can even create a knot garden.

A knot garden is …

Growing Unusual Varieties of Flowering Plants in Containers- Grow Hard to Find Plants

In this article, we will be discussing growing unusual varieties of flowering plants in containers. Some gardeners are happy growing well-known varieties of plants that are commonly found in garden centres or online garden stores, whilst others like to find varieties that are not often seen but are in fact rare.

They prefer to grow unusual and sometimes rare and hard to find plants, they will not only make your container garden stick out but will add interest and provide a talking point when you have visitors coming …

SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer Concentrate, a Review

Name of Product: SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer Concentrate.

The Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Supply as a 500ml Bottle

Shipping Weight: 0.399kg

My Rating: 7/10

In this article, I will be reviewing SB plant invigorator and bug killer to see if it is an effective plant rejuvenator and bug killer. If you continue to read you will find out. In a previous article, I reviewed the Garlic Wonder Organic Concentrate which I sang the high praises for.

Garlic Wonder Organic concentrate is not the only …