Neudorff Slug and Snail Killer, a Review (Is it Any Good?)

Slugs and snails are a nightmare in the garden.
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Name of Product: Neudorff Sluggo Slug and Snail Killer in a 1kg shaker box.

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Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 11.7 x 22.7 cm

Shipping Weight: 1.06kg

My Rating: 9.5/10

In this review Neudorff Slug and snail killer will be discussed and it suitability to container gardening.Everybody who has a garden no matter if it is a container garden or not, will know what a pest slug and snails can be, One day your prize-winning lettuce is there, the next these slime producers have eaten the whole thing. You have forgotten to protect them and have given slugs and snail a free meal.

Slugs and snails are a nightmare in the garden.
Slugs and snails are a nightmare in the garden.

In past posts, I have talked about the protection that can be used in container gardens from using grit, copper tapes, beer traps and yes, slug pellets, which will be reviewed in this article.

I have also written an article concerning container plants that offer some resistance to attacks from slugs and snails, which is a good alternative to using chemical means.

We as a society are becoming more aware of the effect chemicals have on our environment. This is why in Europe under a directive, the familiar blue metaldehyde pellets have been withdrawn, as it has been banned from spring 2020 under this directive.

The reason for this is not because we have all become freedom fighters for slug and snails so that their rights are protected. The reason why is that metaldehyde can be consumed by birds, hedgehogs, dogs, and cats causing them harm.

Bad for slugs and snails but bad also for pets and wildlife. You are now reduced to using other chemical means but what is out there?


This is a natural product manufactured by a German manufacturer, who take pride in minimizing their impact on the environment. They do this by using renewable energy in their production plants. A green company with good street cred.

As said previously you could attract natural predators such as birds, hedgehogs, frogs, and even shrews to feast on these slimy garden visitors. This is not reliable and this is where Neudorff Slug and Snail Killer comes into play.

Have you noticed that slugs and snails come out to play when it is raining or after it has rained?

This is that slugs and snails need to consume a lot of water to produce their slime so that they can move along. This explains why slugs and snails often hide in damp, shady places. This is why they are not often seen during the day.

Slug and snail pellets will not be enough on their own but you will also have to:

  • Water only in the morning as the little darlings will not get hydrated before their feeding time.
  • Place barriers in front of plants, such as grit, stone, coffee etc.
  • Break up the compost in the containers so to expose hidden slugs and snails, and their hidden egg sacs.
  • Use container plants that the snail and slugs do not like to consume. You can find more about this here.

If you do these 4 things and use Neudorff slug and snail pellets, you should be in control of the problem. It will not totally go away but the pests will become less of a menace.


The main ingredient in this product is ferric phosphate, which is a naturally occurring salt found in minerals. The product is digested by the slug and snails, which then suppresses their appetite, where the slime producers then crawl back to their hiding place to die.

Once the slug and snails have digested the pellets they will no longer be visible, as they die underground where they will quickly decompose. In this way, there is no threat to birds, hedgehogs, cats, dogs or other beneficial insects and animals.

You have no need to worry about excessive pellets, as they will break down to give plants two beneficial nutrients- iron and phosphorous. This means no residue will be left behind.

For the product to be effective, it is not enough to spread it thinly around the plant, or by making a circular pellet fort around the plant. This is not good as the slugs and snails will cut through the protective barrier to get to their prize. It is best to sprinkle a liberal amount around the plant in the container and around the perimeter on the outside of the container. This will most certainly stop them in their tracks.

One of the best features of the product is that rainwater will not wash it away. Instead, the product will swell slightly.


  • For 1kg this product is relatively cheap.
  • Slime tracks and dead slugs will not be visible any longer.
  • Can be used with all container plants. No matter if it containers edibles or ornamentals.
  • Resistant to rainwater as it uses innovative bait technology.
  • Will decompose in your container to give additional feed to your plants, and nothing goes to waste.
  • It is an organic product.
  • Will not harm or hurt pets, wildlife, or beneficial insects.
  • You will not need to apply frequently, only when the product is no longer visible.


  • It is so good that you will probably not have enough.  You can buy a 2 kg version here, which will last a little bit longer.


It is a constant battle to keep slugs and snails in your garden under control. It is a battle that must occur every year and can never be said to be won, but with this product, the battle can be swayed to your way.

This is a product that I swear by and recommend for you to use. If you want to buy it, you can here.

As ever if you want to make a comment or you have a question that a slug or snail does not want to hear, please do so in the box below.

Remember, be peaceful and keep the slugs at bay.


20 thoughts on “Neudorff Slug and Snail Killer, a Review (Is it Any Good?)”

  1. Hello

    I am really impressed with your issue. That’s very useful for me because I do gardening and slugs are a threat. I don’t want to use pesticides not to expose my vegetables. The product you propose seems to be perfect. The amazing is that these pellets after being digested by slugs, will break down and give plants beneficial nutrients. The advantages are so many, including its price. 

    Thanks for your proposition. It will really help me and many other gardeners.


    1. Hi Water life

      I am glad that you enjoyed  the review and that you will benefit from it. This environment friend product that will benefit all wildlife apart from snails and slugs.

      Kind Regards


  2. For my little garden the snails and slugs have practically become the eleventh Plagues of Egypt! I was about to give up when I came across this post! I was not aware of this product and I thank Antonio for sharing it on his blog. I was skeptical at first but after trying it miraculously slugs and snails have disappeared. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Fabio

      Thank you for dropping by and I really appreciate you r kind thoughts about dealing with slug and snails in the garden. Keep this product in mind.

      Kind regards


  3. We live in a hot and dry area of the US and are not inundated with snails and slugs. Now I know why. They need a lot of moisture to ooze their slime. When we see snails on our pathways, we try our best not to step on them. 

    If we did have a problem, the Neudorff Slug and Snail Killer appears to be a good solution being environmentally friendly. I will keep that in mind if this ever becomes a problem. 

    1. Hi Edwin

      You are a lucky guy as for countries where rainfall is a problem, slug and snails are a real problem. Plants can literally be destroyed and consumed overnight and this is why I recommend this product.

      Kind Regards


  4. Neudorff slug and snail killer looks like the answer to my prayers.

    We have a lot of birdlife in our garden as well as a dog and unfortunately also a lot of slugs and snails. I have always been scared to put down snail pellets as I am afraid the birds and dog will ingest them.

    This looks like the thing to use as the snails die underground so there won’t be dead snails lying about for birds to get hold of and at the same time get poisoned.

    Thanks for the introduction to this product, and I am going to see if they ship to South Africa.

    1. Hi Michel

      We must look after our wildlife and must not poison them. These pellets are organic and will benefit the soil and compost as well. What is not to like. 

      Thank you for visiting.


  5. Hi, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have a garden behind my house and every time rainfall there are hundreds of snails eating my plants and vegetables. This product will definitely help me a lot, it is not expensive at all but it does the job. Thank you for sharing such a useful product.

    1. Hi Daniel

      Thank you for your endorsement, as it is very much appreciated.

      Kind Regards


  6. This is a really great post on how to get rid of snail or slug. I have used a lot of other organic products to do away with this pests and sometimes I feel it’s wrong. Seething that neudorff slug and snail killer is cheap and doesn’t hard pets and wildlife in general is really wonderful and I think I’d definitely purchase this one. Thanks for  the informative review.

    1. Hi Henderson

      Slug and snails cause so much damage and unless you take protection you will regret it in the long term.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  7. Hi, your post on neudorff slug and snail killer is very helpful, understanding the meaning of threat will make any one to value this information, I have never seen a unique post that educate and also give solution to any one being facing threat of pest on their garden, I know a lot of my friend will be needing your information I will be sharing your posy on my social media for them to also learn how to control snails.

    1. Hi AmDetermined.

      Thank you for those kind words and for sharing it on social media.

      Kind Regards


  8. This is the information I was looking for.

    “no threat to birds, hedgehogs, cats, dogs or other beneficial insects and animals.”

    I am actually terrified of slugs – I know that is odd especially as I have no issue on a personal level with snails!

    I do have a hedgehog who visits my yard on the odd occasion and they do a great job at removing what I fear but I have always been reluctant at using slug pellets because of the damage to my spiky friends, not to mention visiting dog house guests. I’ll definitely keep this product in mind if that hedgehog gives up on me and those slugs get to a level that prevents me leaving the house. (It doesn’t take many!)

    1. Hi Kay

      Mosy people do not like the slime, as it feels horrible to the touch. It is also difficult to remove from your hand, unless you wash your hands with salt water. We must do more to attract hedgehogs to your gardens, as they are so beneficial.  They are sadly declining and once was a familiar sight.  These pellets do a good job if hedgehogs do not appear in your garden.



  9. Hello Antonio,

    Great work there bro.

    Though I do not have a container garden, I altogether know the nuisance that is slugs and snails. My wife can’t even face their direction if she knows one to be there :-). Personally, I grew up where there were banana trees everywhere. And these species love the moisture provided by banana trees so much. A quick at home remedy was to apply table salt on them whenever any left their territory to come up the house wall.

    I like this organic Neudorff Slug remedy to this slug/snail nuisance. Your review is quite comprehensive. It seems like a wonderful substitute to other inorganic chemicals and thus worth a try. Does the product affect young children or young pets like kittens?


    Boniface from AndroidBix 

    1. Hi Boniface

      Thank you for  your kind words.  It is a shame that you cannot use salt in the garden as it will kill plants if used as in high concentration. As with any garden product it is best to not let anybody living consume them, apart from slug and snails. For animals it should not  cause harm and that goes for children as well. It is always better to be safe than sorry.



  10. I’m new at gardening so didn’t even know how slugs and snails can be pests – only that they are everywhere just now, especially when it’s raining. 

    Thank you for writing this post. It’s so hard to know what’s what when just reading reviews off Amazon. This will definitely go into my basket.

    1. Hi Kevin  and Jade

      Thank you for those kind words. I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy the product.


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