How to Grow Alchemilla Mollis in Containers-Growing this Colourful Plant

Alchemilla mollis make an ideal container plant
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In this article, we will discover how to grow Alchemilla mollis in containers. If there is a plant that should be grown in containers then this is it, as in the ground it can quickly become invasive and a quick spreader. Alchemilla mollis or Lady’s mantle to give its common name is an easy to grow herbaceous perennial and can take hard frosts.

Alchemilla mollis make an ideal container plant
Alchemilla mollis make an ideal container plant

It will also adapt quickly and easily to any growing conditions it finds itself in. The grey-green leaves of this plant are pleated and scalloped edged that often retain water after it has rained.

The leaves look spectacular but the flowers steal the show, where the plumes of green-yellow flowers appear from early summer to autumn. Whenever you grow it, it prefers moist growing conditions in partial shade.

This makes this tough plant a must for those places in semi-shade that is exposed to the elements. A plant that can be used to fill this purpose as long as the plant is never soggy. This is one plant that looks its best after it has rained, where the water droplets are held within the leaves.  The flowers when first emerge look lime green but as they mature they turn increasingly yellow.


It is best to grow them in a large container as possible, as long as it has plenty of drainage holes. As the plant likes it to be moist at all times, you can simply fill the container with a good quantity of moisture-retentive multipurpose compost.

Dig a hole in the container that is slightly larger than the root ball of the plant in the original container. Place the plant in at the same level as it came in the original container –no deeper or shallower. Backfill it with compost filling any more gaps with more growing media, Firm the plant in and water it well. Continue to water well until the plant is well established.  Make sure the compost is never allowed to dry out at all, so water frequently in dry spells.

Every spring feed with a slow-release fertilizer to give the plant a boost during the growing season. The only other task is to cut the plant to ground level in autumn, as this will not only tidy the plant but also make it more productive next year.

Alchemilla produce beautiful flowers
Alchemilla produce beautiful flower

One of the major drawbacks is that the older leaves tend to die back so what after it has flowered, giving the plant a ‘scruffy look’. If you are that fussy you can cut these out but to me, this adds to the charm of the plant.


Alchemilla mollis looks good if it is planted with plants that have purple leaves or with plants that have purple and blue flowers. Plants like alliums look elegant when planted in unison with Lady’s mantle.  Another good combination is to plant with blue flowers of catmint as the blooms will work in harmony with each other.

Another great combination is to plant Alchemillas with tall ornamental grasses and those with strap-like leaves such as Iris foetidissima ‘Variegata’.  Use anything that has strap-like leaves and is in flower together with the Lady’s mantle. One of the best varieties to grow is ‘Thriller’.


The plant have attractive leaves and flowers
The plant has attractive leaves and flowers

The plants tend to be quite pests and diseases free but they can look scruffy after flowering. It is best to either let them be or in July give the plant a haircut to encourage them to form new leaves. To encourage this, give them a feed with a liquid fertiliser after you have given them a trim.

Another problem is that it is too vigorous and will self-seed everywhere. It can become a chore to weed out what you do not want and the established clumps become hard to dig up and divide. The plus side is that you will have enough plants to propagate for the rest of your life.  Dig them up and give them away if you do not want to have any more plants.


In this article, we have discussed how to grow Alchemilla mollis in containers. As you can see they are easy to grow, requiring little in the way of care and maintenance. The scallop-shaped leaves and spikes of yellow flowers go well with so many plants, that you can go for any design of your own choosing.

It spreads quickly and self-seeds everywhere, so planting in a container may be a way to control them. A plant once in the garden will provide many years of happiness.

If you have any questions or comments that you wish to make on growing Alchemilla in containers, please do so in the comment box below.

Happy Alchemilla growing.


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