Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planters- Worth Garden 36 Pockets, a Review

People forget to grow vertically
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Name of Product: Worth Garden 36 Pockets Hanging Vertical Garden Living Wall Planter with Dripping Hose Self-Watering.

The Best Place to Buy: www.amazon.co.uk

Product Dimensions: 495cm x 33cm x 34cm.

Shipping Weight: 6.8kg.

My Score: 8/10

in this article, we will be discussing why you need wall planters in your garden. When you are in the garden, especially in summer, where you tend to be sitting down enjoying a glass of wine or two (or a beer); you often look around your garden, enjoying all your containers and beds full of beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Then suddenly in the corner of your eye, you see a bare wall, or a fence that could look much better, or a side of an outbuilding that looks like so out of place.

People forget to grow vertically
People forget to grow vertically

You wonder what you can do to beautify them, apart from painting it, and suddenly you have a brainwave and think ‘Can I grow plants on these surfaces?‘ and ‘How do I make this possible?

You may also live in a home with not much horizontal growing space but instead, you have a courtyard-type garden, which is surrounded by many vertical walls. You could paint them white and stare at them all day, or you can grow a green, living wall, where you can use vertical plants full of colourful plants to cover these ‘eyesores’.

This is where hanging vertical gardens come into play, as they can be used to grow beautiful plants in.


As indicated in the introduction this product is a vertical hanging system, which can be hung on bare, vertical surfaces to cover them with plants of your choosing.

It is a system that has 36 pockets so that you can plant 36 plants, one in each pocket. This will give to you a wonderfully productive and colourful display, especially in summer that will make your neighbours jealous.

The kit comes with 12 wall planters, where each wall planter has 3, good-sized pockets. This will give a total of 36 pockets to grow your desired plants in. The beauty of the system is that you can use as many or few wall planters you need. The system is therefore very adaptable so depending on where you live and how much vertical space available to you.


The main advantage is that it comes with an automatic dripping system. This allows the wall planters to become self-watering providing enough water for days, meaning the plant will survive if you go on holiday.

All you need to do is connect the dripping hose to your outside tap and make sure that water drips on the upmost rows of wall planters. The water will then pass through the pockets and reach each succeeding row. This will ensure that all plants are adequately watered therefore making sure that no stagnant water remains.

it comes with an irrigation system
It comes with an irrigation system

You may ask what happens if I do not have an outside tap? Then you can still water with a hose or watering can, but you will have to do it at regular intervals especially so in hot weather, where watering twice a day may be required.

To aid watering you have to ensure that the surface the planters are attached to is flat (i.e. not protruding or very irregular), so that the water can trickle down the pots, otherwise it can miss the pots below entirely.

If the pots are arranged in a straight line then it can be watered quite easily. The main problem with vertical planters is that they dry quickly and this will result in the plant wilting. This is why a vertical dripping system is recommended, as this will take the heartache of losing plant due to insufficient watering.

The pockets have dimensions of 14cm wide and 18cm deep, which should be adequate for a number of annuals, perennials (small ones and not the larger varieties), small herb plants, strawberries, and even houseplants. Obviously, the system is not suitable for shrubs or trees.


The wall flower pots can be planted using two methods by either lining each pocket with a liner, as you would traditionally do with a wired hanging basket or by using an individual pot in their original housing to fit into the pocket. You can do this or you can repot into a new plant pot that has a diameter of 13cm, as this should be adequate to fit into each pocket. Do not use bigger pots as they will not fit in.

From my experience plants will do better if they are planted using the first method, as the roots will not get so much root bound and will do better.

The size of each pocket should be adequate for a lot of plants, whilst only taking up a lot of horizontal space. This means that it can be used indoors as well, as long as you do not mind drilling holes to attach them to your walls.

If you want to use it in the home, you may need to use batons as they will make attaching to the walls easier. Batons also need to be used if the outside surface you wish to use is uneven or too rough to attach the wall planter on, as this will make it more evenly distributed on the wall. This will also ensure that the planter pots below will get water from the planter pots above.


The wall flower pots are manufactured from durable polypropylene material. This will prevent water drainage to the surface it is attached to. One concern of attaching the wall planter to wooden or porous brick surfaces is that water will egress into the surface, causing it to rot and degrade over time.

This plastic pots are constructed to prevent water from entering into fences causing them to rot and from entering walls causing the brickwork to crumble.

The plastic pots also make it easier to clean and also to place plants in.

The wall planter is quite lightweight, only weighing 450g, so it is easy to attach on the surface without the fear of falling down. All you need to do is place a plant with its container into each pocket or to place a liner filled with multipurpose compost with water retaining gel mixed in with it, along with some grit or perlite, and then place the plant into the growling media.

If you want to know if the plant you have in mind can fit in each pocket then I suggest you read my article on the smallest container that can be used to get a better idea.


To attach the wall planter pots to walls you need to drill holes into them and then attach them to the wall via the screws provided in with the product. Each wall planter comes with three pockets, where each pocket comes with a pre-drilled hole to which the screws can be threaded through and then attached to the wall.

The beauty with the wall planter is that they have slots at the bottom so that the wall planter at the top can be attached to the wall planter below, giving a firmer structure.

If you want to attach the wall planter to handrail that you find in balconies, then you can attach them to the rail by the use of cable ties. All you need to do is thread a thick enough cable tie through the pre-drilled holes and then make sure that it is safely wrapped around a rail, and then pull the cable tie firm.

Do not worry as cable ties are really strong and can take the weight. You have to make sure that cable ties are pulled up tightly, to ensure that the wall planter pots do not move. You can easily remove by cutting the cable ties when you have no need of it or if you want to move the wall planter pots around.

On the bottom rung of the wall flower planter has a check plug that fits in at the bottom of the planter. This will prevent water leaking onto the floor. This is especially important in homes where water on the floor is not a good look.


  • 36 plants can be grown in a small amount of horizontal space.
  • A large number of species of annuals, perennials, herbs and strawberries can be grown in them.
  • Easy to assemble, as long as you are handy with a drill.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Self-watering so can be left to its own devices, especially if you go on holiday.
  • Will make your vertical walls, fences and outbuildings look something special.


  • Will need some DIY to attach to the wall. If you are handy with a drill, then it will not be much of a challenge. For others, it may be a struggle.
  • As you have a small growing volume of compost, you will need to feed the plant every week with a balanced liquid fertilizer. If you do not do this, your plants will look well below par.
  • It is quite expensive but well worth the price.


I really like vertical wall planters as they often bring colour to where colourful plants often do not exist. Often people forget that the vertical dimension can be used by gardeners to grow their plants in. This is especially true for those without much horizontal space to grow in. If you cannot grow across then you need to grow upwards.

Turn those boring walls, fences, and outbuildings to a thing of beauty. I have done it, so why should not you. Buy one today from here.

If you have any questions or comments that you are climbing up the wall to make, please do so in the comment box below.

If you want to buy this product that will fill your walls, then buy it today.

Go treat yourself.


10 thoughts on “Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planters- Worth Garden 36 Pockets, a Review”

  1. Hi! Firstof all – awesome post, I was considering buying a vertical wall planters, but not on my garden, but on my wall in my kitchen, so I am wondering, can you recommend me any inner hanging wall planters? I need a maximum of 10 planters, for you know basil, oregano,parsley and other awesome spice plants. I will thank you in advance,gor bringing  me info.


    Primoz P.

    1. Hi Primoz

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You do not have to look any further to the solution to your problem then this product. Although it comes with 36 plant pockets, as indicated in the article you can use as many or few planters as you need. For 12 plants you will need to use 4 wall planters, which should meet your needs. Go for it and you will not be disappointed.

      Kind Regards


  2. Hello Antonio, it’s so wonderful of you to share this. It is such a timely post as I and my family are trying to retouch the compound. We have everything in place. Well, almost everything. After setting up the garden, we noticed that the wall was just there, blank. It didn’t sit right. My first instinct was to fill the gap with mixed paints but the I got a suggestion from a friend to populate it with wall plants. 

    That was absolutely brilliant idea. The only problem is, I have no idea, not even in the slightest, how to go about it. Thankfully, this post have really enlightened me. I absolutely love the wall planters and the idea of using an auto dripping system to water them is amazing.

    Thanks Anthonio

    1. Hi Leo

      I am glad that you are taking your friend’s advice, as often a living wall looks more appealing than walls painted in white or pastel colours. It can be very productive as well, as you can get a lot of strawberries in such a small place. I believe in being as helpful as possible and using a wall planter with a dripping system saves the difficult and laborious task of watering. With this system you can have a beautiful garden that can handle some form of neglect. A great product.

      Kind regards


  3. This product is DIY simple to assemble, very straightforward, quite solid pots as well. Yeah, if land space is limited, this product is a good alternative. Watering the plants from the top layer and fill the reservoir, then just let the water flow onto the next layer, and to the next layer till it is full and overflows from the lowest layer. 

    1. Hi Iamlooking4answer

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes this product is great for those who want to fill blank wall canvas with a beautiful, living wall. It has everything you need including an irrigation system and so can be neglected without losing your plants. This is why I cannot recommend them enough.



  4. I must say a big thank you to you for putting out time to get this article for the public.this is a very important review to every gardener as the hanging vertical garden wall planter is one of the most sorted out pockets for planting as they add more beauty to the garden and make planting a lot more enjoyable…I have gotten some before I think I would get more.

    1. Hi Feji

      It is a great feeling to be of help to people and think about solutions to bare walls, fences and outbuildings. I believe everybody needs to create a beautiful living wall and this product matches this brief.



  5. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful application and I have learned through your beautiful gardening on the walls of the house. I live in a small house and I have a little yard and there are walls around my yard. I have kept it simple in the wall but when I look at my wall, my wall feels lifeless and I wanted to do something on my wall so when I look at my wall it will feel good and eyes will be combined. And when I read your article, I really liked it and I got a pretty good idea how I can plant beautiful plants on my walls through small piles and my walls look great.And I hope that after you read the article, everyone will green their walls of their house and share their experience with you very soon.

    1. Hi Shanta

      Thank you for commenting. Walls in gardens are problematic and you need something to brighten them up and this is where wall planters come into play, as they can turn the dull into the spectacular. I hope you can implement these wall planters into your small garden.



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