Colour Schemes for Houseplants

In this article, I will be talking about what colour schemes to use with houseplants. In past articles, I have discussed how the colour schemes are generated in the first place, along with the outside plants that meet the cool, hot and dark, and pastel colour schemes. This decision of what colour scheme to use can be extended to indoor gardening. Most houseplants will follow the same scheme as mentioned in this article.

The great thing about colour schemes for houseplants is that it is …

Why the Container Gardeners Should Use Mycorrhizal Fungi? (and Why Gardening in Borders Should Not)

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits and hindrance of using mycorrhizal fungi (alternatively know as mycorrhiza) in the garden. A lot of information has been written about the role of these fungi in gardening, some rave about them, whilst others say that they occur naturally and therefore will not need to be introduced to the soil.

There are arguments for both sides but what is the truth?

First, we need to discuss what mycorrhizal fungi are?

Mycorrhiza comes from the Greek Words ‘Mykes’ meaning fungi …

Plants for Hot and Dark Colours in Containers

In this article, we will be discussing what plants can be used in container displays. Hot hue flowers create some drama in the container garden, where brightly coloured blooms provide striking combinations with golden leaved plants such as Choisya ‘Sundance’ and Sambucus racemosa. The effect is enhanced when dark purple foliage plants or black foliage plants are mixed into the colour scheme.

You can cool the bright colours if amongst the plants you use some mid-green leaf varieties. Purple foliage matches most colour schemes can be used but …

Plants for Pastel Colours in Containers

In this article, we will be talking about the best plants for pastel colours in containers. When we talk about pastel colours we think about romantic colours, a planting scheme where pinks, lilacs, peaches and light yellows are used throughout the container display. It produces a calming effect especially as you sit in the garden, admiring your own handiwork. We have talked about plants for cool colours and now we extend the range to cover pastel colours.

The colours are easy on the eye and therefore sought after. …

Getting the Best from your Hanging Baskets

In this article, we will be discussing hanging baskets from getting the planting right, types of hanging baskets where to display time, type of hanging basket linings, how to suspend them and how to maintain them

I have talked about hanging basket in a previous article and in particular I have reviewed the easy fill hanging basket. I have even talked about what alternative plants you can have in hanging baskets.

It is now time we discuss hanging basket in great detail so that the ins and outs are all covered.

Hanging baskets are one of the …

Is Vitax Q4 Fertiliser the Best General Purpose Fertilizer?

Name of Product: Vitax Q4 Professional Fertilizer

The Best Place to Buy:

Package Dimensions: 26.4cm x 26.4cm x 21.6cm

Shipping Weight: 10kg

My Score: 9/10

In this article, we will be discussing if Vitax Q4 fertiliser is the best general-purpose fertilizer. As you can see from my posts that fertilizing plants is very important. I have reviewed slow released fertilizers, talked about growmore and fish, blood and bone to see what the best is. I have also talked about Phostrogen as a very …

How to Get the Best from your Bonsai Tree

In this article, I will be discussing how to get the best from your Bonsai. Bonsai trees are fascinating plant that brings the beauty of the Japanese art to your home, being either inside or outside.

To some or should I say the many bonsai trees are the most beautiful plant you can have, even more, pleasing than orchids, and that is saying something. When you see bonsai tree displayed in flower shows, your breath is often taken away, especially when you discover that the plants are often …

Growmore vs Blood, Fish and Bone- Is There a Difference?

In this article, we will be discussing if there is a difference between growmore and fish, blood and bone fertilisers? If so, which is better to use in the container garden?

In a previous article, I talked about the various element deficiencies that plants can suffer from. To overcome these deficiencies, we need fertilisers that particular add the main macronutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

When you buy fertilizers, you often see numbers on the packaging, which tells you the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorous, and potassium- …

Give Your Plants the Right Nutrients-What Elements Do Plant Needs?

In this article, we will be discussing the right nutrients that each plant requires to be at their healthiest. We all know that plants need certain elements to grow to their optimal in producing the greenest leaves, most colourful blooms and the most abundant fruits.

There are 118 known elements in the periodic table (some are artificially made) and the majority of these elements are not required by plants to flourish. In fact, only 6 elements are required in large quantities, whilst the other 17 are required in …

Root Trainers a Review- Growing Long Rooted Plants

Name of Product: Haxnicks Deep Rootrainer Set 32 Cells

The Best Place to Buy:

Product Dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 5cm

Shipping Weight: 281g

My Score: 9/10

In this article, we will be talking about root trainers to see if they live up to their reputation? Are they as good as other people claim them to be and are they well worth the price and effort of getting one?

When we sow seeds, we often use seed trays, seed cell trays, pots and other containers …