Growing Unusual Varieties of Flowering Plants in Containers- Grow Hard to Find Plants

In this article, we will be discussing growing unusual varieties of flowering plants in containers. Some gardeners are happy growing well-known varieties of plants that are commonly found in garden centres or online garden stores, whilst others like to find varieties that are not often seen but are in fact rare.

They prefer to grow unusual and sometimes rare and hard to find plants, they will not only make your container garden stick out but will add interest and provide a talking point when you have visitors coming …

Container Plants for Japanese-Style Gardens- Following Buddhist Philosophies

In this article, we will be describing what container plants can be used for Japanese-style gardens. In order to succeed, you must understand that Japanese gardens reflect Buddhist philosophies and what this entails.

Buddha philosophies can be expressed when he said “I teach only two things. O disciples, the nature of suffering and the cessation of suffering”.

This is taught by the ‘four noble truths’ and ‘eightfold path’.

Buddha believed that nothing is permanent, as changes will always occur. The path to obtaining enlightenment …

Container Plants for Contemporary Perennial Schemes (Growing Tough and Hardy Perennials)

In this article, container plants for contemporary perennial schemes will be discussed in great details. This article will focus on tough hardy perennials and grasses that are used to give colour and textures to your container garden.

When creating your perennial scheme, you need to use a limited colour spectrum of species, which comes together to form large swathes of contrasting heights and shapes. This will make such beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Normally, it is recommended for large container gardens but it can be adapted to smaller …

Plants for Tropical Container Gardens- Going for The Exotic Look

In this article, plants for tropical container gardens will be discussed. As we all become more experimental in our gardens, we take influences from around the world. From the tropics, we look to the brightly-coloured flowers and lush, colourful leaves. You may be worried that many of these plants cannot survive our cold, frosty winters but this is clearly not true if we look after our heat-loving plants well.

We can create tropical container gardens if the right plant is selected. Some of these plants hail from hot …

Plants for Walls, Fences and Other Vertical Surfaces in Containers in the Shade (Add Interest to Plain Walls)

In this article, plants for wall, fences and other vertical surfaces in containers in the shade. In a previous article climbing plants for vertical surfaces in containers in full sun has been discussed, and now it is time to extend our attention to growing vertical plants in the shade. This is a more difficult growing regime, as plants tend not to do as well in the shade as they do in full sun. It is not impossible but let us say the choices are more limited.

Plants …

Plants for Walls, Fences and Other Vertical Surfaces in Containers in the Sun (Plants to Cover Bare Walls)

In this article, plants for walls, fences and other vertical surfaces in containers in the sun will be discussed particularly plant that can be used to cover bare walls.

Climbers are perfect for decorating wall and fences, where flowers of all colours, leaf shapes and texture, and plant forms can be used. There is nothing worse than looking at a bare wall in a garden, where instead it can be covered with interesting plants.

It is best that when you are planning which climber to plant that you …

Bulbs that Can be Grown in Containers, Part I- From A-G

In this two-part series bulbs that can be grown in containers will be discussed, so acting as a focal point as part of your container garden. What will be noticed is that there are a large number of bulbs that can be grown in containers, covering all flower colours, heights, and forms.

Bulbs tend to do well when planted at the right depth in the compost and at the right time of year. Get it right and they will reward you with flowers for a number of years. …

Bulbs that can be Grown in Container, Part II-From H to Z

In this second and final part of the series, we continue our journey into bulbs that can be grown in containers. This will have some of the more familiar varieties, as well as varieties that are rarer and more difficult to find. Part 1 can be found here.

Yet again there are plenty of bulbs to choose from covering all aspects from flower colours and shapes, plant heights and form.

What follows are bulbs that can be grown in containers beginning with the Letter H and finishing …

Silver Leaf Plants in Containers (Give Contrasts to your Garden)

In this article, silver leaf plants in containers will be discussed. If you use silver, grey or grey-green foliage plants can selectively transform a container display.  I have in the past discussed other leave plants that can be used in containers

This is because silver-leaved plants add contrast and points of interest, to bring elegance to planting combination. This is because they will bring attention to flowers of many coloured blooms. Silver plants combine well with flowers that are white, pink, red, blue or burgundy. The silver leaf …

Plants in Containers in City Gardens in the Shade (Grow Something Special)

In a previous article, plants in containers in city gardens in full sun was discussed in great detail. It is now time to turn our attention to plants in containers in city gardens in the shade in order to broaden the growing conditions.

Urban gardens, in general, are warmer in temperature than town or rural gardens. This will provide better growing conditions for a broader range of plants, especially in winter where the walls will provide some frost protection.

By nature, due to space being a premium, make …